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Reasons to Use Carbon Fiber for Foundation Repairs

Reasons to Use Carbon Fiber for Foundation Repairs
Reasons to Use Carbon Fiber for Foundation Repairs

When you notice shifting and cracking in your home’s foundation, it’s time to employ countermeasures to resolve the problem before it grows bigger. Since not every foundation issue manifests itself in exactly the same way, there are multiple methods that a professional can apply to address them. One of these is fixing the foundation with carbon fiber. Educate yourself here on the reasons to use carbon fiber for foundation repairs.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fibers appear like filaments or strings in their base form. At the molecular level, they are made up of carbon atoms arranged in crystal sheet structures. This makes carbon fiber quite strong and resistant to fluctuations in temperature while remaining lightweight. Individual carbon fibers can be interlaced into a fabric, which is how you will see them when they’re used in foundation repair.

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The Advantages of Carbon Fiber

It’s Strong and Accessible

Carbon fiber is tough enough to support a foundation that has shifted and hold it in place when installed on the walls of the basement. You don’t need to worry about it warping or stretching even when it is under tension for a long time. Furthermore, carbon fiber is highly accessible as a foundation solution because it has a low cost compared to other materials like steel beams that you might use instead.

It’s Easy to Install and Maintain

An added reason to use carbon fiber for foundation repairs is that it is easy to install and maintain. A strip of carbon fiber is affixed to the wall with epoxy and, once the adhesive dries, installation is complete. There are no complicated steps that make the process difficult to pull off or cause it to take a long time for a professional to finish the job. Afterward, you don’t need to perform routine maintenance for the carbon fibers whatsoever.

It’s Unobtrusive

Carbon fiber is light and thin, so it does not result in large protrusions sticking out from the sides of your basement. All you will see are dark, flat strips that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. If you want to finish the basement following installation, you can put on a wall covering or paint over the carbon fiber without any trouble.

Receive efficient and high-quality foundation repair by calling The Real Seal. We have expertise in treating foundation movement and cracking using methods such as carbon fiber fitting and piering.


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