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We Gotta Say It… In case you missed them, the Warranties are listed under each product.

Payment is due when job is done. Partially completed jobs will be invoiced for the work completed to-date. Payments not received day of completion are subject to 2% interest per month. Delinquent accounts will be liable for collection and/or attorney fees. $45 fee for returned checks.

Warm Floors are great!! But if you have Radiant Heat, you will need to get a specialized company out to test, shut off, repair, and re-start the system in conjunction with any of our work that is done under the floor.

We do it legal. We will file for and obtain any permits, transferring the final village cost + $25 to the final invoice.

Don’t mess! If you have a question with our work, we would be happy to come address it. If others fiddle with it, the warranty will be void.

We’re not an insurance company. If any of our work fails, we will come replace our work or add additional measures, at our cost. However, we cannot pay for finishings, utilities needing to be moved, or any other consequential damages. Insurance is not our thing.

Indiana Jones, whaaa? If we uncover something unknown and it has the potential to throw off the whole project, we reserve the right to alter the repairs accordingly, or to refund you all your $ and restore anything we touched.

Who gets the warranty? Anyone who buys the home. The warranty transfers on and on and on…

We break, we fix. If we hit it, we’ll fix it, or hire the right people to do it.

Thinking of waiting? No problem! Just know that with building materials costs going up, this estimate is good for 90 days.


Terms and Conditions

A. All Warranties are transferable to new property owner(s) unless otherwise stated.
B. If The Real Seal, LLC (TRS) deems necessary, owner must make inside concrete wall and floor area accessible for inspection, initial repair, and service at owner’s expense. Owner is to provide finished wall removal and access for inspection, initial repair, and service at owner’s expense. Homeowner is responsible for removal and replacement of drywall, plaster, personal property, improvements, fixtures, and appliances or other obstacles in the work area.
C. Homeowner to provide adequate water and electricity to accommodate the repairs.
D. TRS reserves the right to repair, at our cost, any damage caused by our fault. TRS also reserves the right to hire a contractor (of our choice) for the repair if we are unable to complete it ourselves.
E. TRS will not be responsible for damage to wall or floor coverings, radiant heat, electrical or other lines (exterior or under the floor), landscaping, or personal property of any type due to dust, excavation, seepage, or flooding.
F. TRS will not be responsible for any damage resulting from installations including but not limited to carpentry, masonry, windows, siding, garage doors, entrance doors, floor tiles, drywall, paneling, plaster, paint, foundation, exterior lighting, gas lines, water lines, radiant heat, electrical, sewer, or other lines. Should a municipality require the upgrade of a utility line after damage, TRS will not be held responsible for this repair/upgrade.
G. Warranty does not cover any above grade penetration of water, seepage through windows, condensation, vapor transmission or excess humidity, any water during periods of sewer backup, or frozen discharge lines.
H. If concrete is removed and repoured, the new concrete will NOT match the old concrete. TRS holds no claim or responsibility in the ability to match color/texture of concrete, and any matching of color/texture is NOT a service that TRS provides. No verbal agreement can override this.
I. If epoxy or urethane is injected around a sewer line, TRS is not responsible for any subsequent clogging due to an existing opening/crack or broken sewer line.
J. If additional pumping capacity is needed to keep up with the seepage flow, homeowner is responsible for additional labor and material charges for installation of same.
K. TRS is not responsible for the disposition of the water once discharged from the house.
L. TRS will not be held responsible for any mold and/or radon gas related claims.
M. Due to the nature of concrete, TRS is not responsible for cracking of slabs after installation of new concrete, if any, and TRS is not responsible for differences in concrete color or texture.
N. TRS is not responsible for new cracks formed or largened in concrete we work on. Due to the nature of concrete, when it is moved there is risk of it cracking.
O. Re-grading and Landscaping are not included. TRS will backfill and rough grade excavation areas upon completion of work.
P. This proposal may be withdrawn at any time until written acceptance by TRS.
Q. Should the work be modified by others, all warranties are null and void.
R. If access for work is to infringe on neighboring property, owner is to provide written permission from neighboring property owner granting permission to TRS and its sub-contractors to work on their property and agreeing to hold them harmless for any damages unless they are a result of TRS negligence.
S. If previous unknown conditions are discovered, TRS reserves the right to cancel contract, restore job site, and refund deposit.
T. All agreements between TRS and the Owner must be in writing. No verbal agreements will be honored.
U. TRS reserves the right to alter the repair technique as needed, at no additional charge to the owner.
V. A service fee will be assessed for non-warranty related service requests.
W. Homeowner authorizes TRS to photograph homeowner’s property and to use such photographs
for documentation and promotion without compensation to the homeowner.
X. TRS reserves the right to hire sub-contractors as needed. Such need is to be determined by TRS.
Y. TRS will contact JULIE to mark underground utilities. Other than as a result of negligence, TRS is not responsible for damage caused by leakage or to utilities including, but not limited to, water, sewer, electrical, heat lines, or other utilities. The property owner(s) or their agent(s) bear the burden to investigate and disclose the existence of any underground facilities as the same may be amended, located in or near the areas which the property owner(s) or their agent(s) have requested TRS to excavate and/or repair. TRS will use reasonable care in the excavation and installation process, however, should a private utility or such underground facilities become impacted, the property owner(s) or their agent(s) shall be responsible for any repairs that may be necessary. The property owner(s) or their agent(s) shall hold TRS harmless for any consequential damage caused by TRS as a result of the property owner(s) or their agent(s) failure to meet their burden hereunder.
Z. Any controversy or claim arising out of, or relating to, this contract, or the breach thereof
(“claim”) shall be resolved by binding arbitration. All arbitrations shall be conducted in Chicago, Illinois before an arbitrator selected in accordance with, and shall be conducted pursuant to, the construction industry arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator will have no authority to award punitive damages or any other damages not measured by the greater of the prevailing party’s liquidated, contractual or actual damages, and may not, in any event, make any ruling, finding, or award that does not conform to the terms and conditions of this contract. Costs and fees of arbitration may be awarded to the prevailing party. “costs and fees” means all reasonable pre-award expenses of arbitration including the arbitrator’s fees, reasonable attorney fees, administrative fees, travel expenses, out-of-pocket expenses such as copying and telephone, court costs, and witness fees. Neither party nor the arbitrator may disclose the existence, content, or results of any arbitration hereunder without the prior written consent of both parties.
AA. In the event it is determined that a warranty repair is required and paving or other exterior obstructions (A/C unit, driveway, porch, etc.) have been added or replaced after our work was
completed, if deemed necessary, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove/replace at no cost to TRS.
AA. Sump Pump, Accessories, and Battery Backup Warranty: All sump pumps purchased and installed by TRS are covered by a 5 year manufacturer warranty which includes parts and labor. Sump Pro Systems come with a 3 year warranty. Batteries for systems carry a 1 year parts and labor warranty. A dedicated 110v (20 amp) circuit and outlet are required for proper operation of all systems. TRS cannot be held responsible for operation of existing sump pumps and/or backup systems.
BB. Drain Tile System Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against seepage through the cove joint (where the floor and wall meet) and from the immediate floor area (within three feet of the wall). In the event a full perimeter system is installed, the entire floor is covered under the warranty against standing water.
CC. Window Well Drain Warranty: Ten Year Warranty on proper functionality of Window Well Drain Installations. TRS is not responsible for drain clogging due to improper maintenance. TRS is only responsible for operation of drain when connected to a drainage system we installed. Warranty is valid provided there is a quality window well cover installed and the window well is in good condition.
DD. Window Well Warranty: We guarantee the performance of our window wells for 10 years.
EE. Carbon Fiber Warranty: Carbon Fiber Wall Supports are warrantied for the life of the structure. Warranty covers the foundation walls against any further inward movement in areas the Carbon Fiber is installed. In the event that there is inward movement of the wall(s), TRS agrees to replace the product at no charge. Warranty does not cover partial wall repairs.
FF. Crack Repair Warranty: TRS will service, at no additional charge, any seepage through any wall crack(s) we repair. Warranty will become void if home is settling, sinking, or the wall is moving.
GG. Crawl Space Encapsulation Warranty: Crawl Space Encapsulation is warrantied for life against rips and tears in the lining material. Warranty does no cover seam tape.
HH. Poly-Jacking is warrantied for 5 years from the date of completed work against settlement over
½”. We will come out and re-lift one (1) time during this 5 year period in the event it settles more than ½”. This warranty is void if the homeowner does not extend gutters and/or control drainage in the area. There is no warranty for void fill.
II. Piering Warranty: We warranty the performance of the Piering System for a period of Twenty- Five (25) years. If any vertical settlement in excess of ¼” occurs in the specified area repaired by TRS within this time other than settlement or movement caused by earthquake, severe wind, flood, slope or hill movement, extreme change in water table (upheaval), other Acts of God, or any similar manmade conditions including but not limited to explosion, improper drainage, abandonment of building, or act of omission of the third party, then TRS will at no cost or expense to the Owner, correct any defect in workmanship or material that may have occurred in order to stabilize such area providing that such area is accessible. Owner’s exclusive remedy shall be for correction of defect in workmanship and materials, as set forth above. In no event shall the Owner be entitled to consequential damages, regardless of whether the claim is based on warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise.
JJ. I-Beam Support Warranty: TRS will warranty the performance of the I-Beam Supports for Twenty-Five (25) years from the original date of installation. This warranties that the supports will not raise or settle in excess of ¼” in that time. TRS will need to have installed the footings of the I-Beam Supports in order for this warranty to be valid. Owner must maintain above freezing temperatures in the home/crawl space/basement during this time.
LL. Estimate is good for 90 days.

You are entering into a contract. You may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third (3rd) business day after the date of the transaction.

If you decide to cancel this transaction, you may do so by writing to:

The Real Seal, LLC 570 Estes Ave
Schaumburg, IL 60193

You may use any written statement that is signed and dated by you and states your intentions to cancel, or you may use notice by signing and dating this contract below. Keep one copy of the notice because it contains important information about your rights.

If you cancel by mail or telegram, you must send the notice no later than midnight of the third (3rd) business day of the date of the transaction.