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Does it need to be raining/actively seeping for you to find a solution for my issue?

No, it does not. Staining, trails, and the knowledge the homeowner/tenant will provide can lead us to 99% of solutions. It is a rare case where we need to see active seepage in order to determine the source.


Should I remove drywall/paneling before my appointment?

If you are able to remove any drywall, paneling, or items in the way, please do so. We do need to see the actual Foundation Wall in order to determine the source of the issue. The more we can see, the better.


I’ve been getting seeping for some time and I’m not ready to deal with the issue financially, should I still have my issue checked out?

Absolutely. Even though prices change, it is a good idea to get the scope of work you are dealing with together. You may not know that the issue you are dealing with is a big one that can’t wait, or a small one that can. We are transparent with all solutions and will give you honest feedback on how to deal with your issue and an appropriate timeline.

Additionally, we have Financing Options available to help make the project more affordable.



When is the best time to have you out/schedule my work?

If you are looking to get it done quicker, Winter is the slow season in this industry and typically the time where the back log of work is lightest.

If you are looking to get it done before it costs you more $$ (continuing damage), then right away is the answer.

If your work needs to be done on the exterior, Spring/Summer/Fall are the seasons you will need to schedule the work.

Typically, the sooner you have us out, the better. Sinking Foundations and Flooding Basements only get worse over time, cause more damage, and cost more to fix as the problem gets worse.


Will my work require a permit?

We pull permits on all work when required by the village. The funny thing is (not funny “ha-ha”), every village is different. In Aurora, rarely will you need a permit unless you are installing new electricity outlets. In Villa Park, you need a permit if our truck is in front of your home, regardless of what we are doing. Their code enforcers will stop ANY home services job in the village that does not have a permit.

Best case is to ask your Foundation/Waterproofing Specialist when they come out. If they do not have the answer for you on-site, we can usually get it within 24 hours from the village. Code changes year-to-year in each village, and so do the permit requirements. We stay on top of the codes in the villages to ensure you get your work done properly and legally.


How long will the work take to complete?

It all depends on the scope of work. I know, ambiguous answer, but let’s try to break it down into separate “ballparks” so you can get a gauge on how it works.

Polyjacking takes the shortest amount of time to complete. Most jobs are done within the day.

Waterproofing is split. It can either be done within a day, or it may take up to 3-4 days depending on the scope of work. Foundation Cracks are the quicker job, while Drain tiles take a few days to complete.

Structural work takes the longest. This is because of the intricate detail and care taken to preserve your foundation, as well as move it. It’s no small feat! The average Structural job is 3-4 days, but can stretch as long as 2 weeks.


How are you different from everyone else?

How much time do you have?

We could start with reputation, which you likely already know by comparing us to anyone else on any platform.

We could continue through transparency, as ALL of our pricing is on our website, clear as day for you to read. We don’t bump up prices when we get busy (Ever hear of a friend being charged 4x the amount for the job in the Spring? Not in this company).

We could end with customer service and how each and every customer is treated as if they are our own family.

And we could “P.S.” with our exclusive line of “How We Do It” videos, showcasing each service we perform, with techs from our company, on actual customer’s homes. Want to see for yourself who we are and how we do it, take a look!

Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Videos

Best way to tell is to see for yourself or read/listen to what others have had to say about us. Check us out everywhere, no holds barred. From Google to Yelp, BBB to Angie’s List, we show our true colors in each and everything we do each and every day.


Is there a warranty for your work?

You bet! Most of our work is warrantied, and we outline those warranties on each service page in our website. We hold the best warranties in the industry and back them up better than anyone here ever has. ZERO Service Fees for using the warranty. ZERO chance of your call getting “screened” because you have an issue. ZERO chance of us not following up and doing everything we can to make it right. PERIOD.


How do I know if my issue is a structural issue?

If you want to know if you have a structural issue, call us. We will come perform an HONEST inspection, providing proof and explanation for your issue and the solution. We NEVER mislead, and our entire goal is to educate you on the issue so you can understand the problem you are facing and its potential solutions.

The most common signs and symptoms for a structural issue are:

  • Stair-step cracking in brick on the exterior of your home.
  • Windows and Doors not opening/closing properly.
  • Drywall cracking that continues to open up even after being patched.
  • “Cracks” and “Pops” heard in the home.

Foundation Repair Chicago


What’s the worst that can happen if I ignore it?

Ever see the Leaning Tower of Pisa? It doesn’t take much to imagine what would happen if they didn’t secure that in place. While your home will not have such a dramatic display as the Tower of Pisa, it will give telltale signs that it is on the verge of collapsing.

A foundation holds your home up. If it fails, you can easily imagine the problem.

Don’t ignore an issue. At minimum, get us out so you can understand it and know potential things you can do to help hold it off and make the impact on your home less.


How do I know I can trust the workers coming to the home?

Because we trust them. We surround ourselves with the best people in order to provide the best service. On top of that, we treat our employees the best in the industry.

The pay scales for our crews are higher than the industry average.
Employees enjoy amazing Health/Dental/Vision benefits with the company covering much of their premiums.
Company Events are held often, as we enjoy spending time together outside of work as well. To that point, we are a family.
We have HAPPY EMPLOYEES. I know this sounds weird in this day-and-age, but we truly care about the well being of every person in this company. We all work together to improve our lives and grow with the company.
You can trust our employees because they are invested in our family, and we take care of each other, and our customers.
When you become a customer of ours, you join our family.


Is a deposit required for the work?

Yes, we obtain a 30% deposit that is due before getting on our work schedule. The reason we do this is to ensure we have all the materials and permits ready for the job before we start. This is standard practice in the industry and par for the amount.




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