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What Is Concrete Leveling?

The soil in Illinois is great for farming but, for homeowners? Not so much. The black, silty clay loam does not drain well and, as a result, it could cause a concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, or other slab to sink.

The good news is, that The Real Seal can bring your settled concrete slab back into place again. We use polyjacking, which is the industry standard for concrete leveling.

Concrete leveling, or more specifically, polyjacking, is the process of injecting polyurethane foam under the slab. As the foam rapidly expands, it pushes the slab up and into place.


Does Concrete Leveling Work?

Concrete leveling has been used by thousands of people throughout Illinois, including in the Schaumburg area. It is used because it works and it works well.

As long as the concrete is not fully deteriorated (some cracks are fine), it can be lifted into place. When polyurethane foam is used, it will lift the concrete and hold it in place for decades. Any cracks will also be minimized and can easily be patched after the lift is finished.

When Do You Need Concrete Leveling?

There are some obvious reasons why you might need concrete leveling. For example, if you have a concrete slab that used to be level and now it is not. On the other hand, there are some not-so-obvious reasons why concrete leveling may be the option for you. Here are some reasons to consider:

Settled Concrete

If soil conditions or poor drainage have allowed your concrete to settle, then concrete leveling is an option to consider.

Damage is Minimal

Concrete does not bend, so if the soil gives way under it, the slab is likely to crack. This does not necessarily stop you from using polyjacking to level the slab. On the other hand, if the damage to the concrete is significant, other options can be considered.

Water Pooling

Concrete leveling can also be used, at times, to handle a problem where water is getting into the basement and pooling in the area. The Real Seal can let you know what can be done after our free inspection.

You Like Saving Money

Concrete leveling with polyurethane foam is much less expensive than replacing the slab. The cost for material is similar but with the breakup and removal of the old concrete, it will cost you extra money.

You Like Simple

If you want a simple process that can be done in a limited time with a limited impact on your lifestyle, call The Real Seal. We can come lift the slab with polyjacking and you can begin using it minutes after we are done.

Concrete Leveling Methods

You are not without options when it comes to concrete leveling. The process has evolved over the years and sometimes, older methods are still used by concrete leveling companies.

There are two primary methods of concrete leveling in use, mudjacking and polyjacking. The other option is to completely tear out the concrete and pour a new slab.


Mudjacking is an outdated process that is still used by some concrete leveling companies. It involves drilling large holes in the concrete and pumping a slurry of dirt, sand, and cement below the slab. As the slurry is forced into the area, it fills any voids and pushes the slab into place.

Although mudjacking can raise the slab, it is also problematic in many ways. First, the mud is heavy, so if the soil is incompetent, it will result in further sinking. It also tends to need to be redone every 3-5 years and the cleanup process is extensive.


Polyjacking is the preferred method of concrete lifting and leveling. This process uses small holes drilled into the concrete and tapered ports for injecting polyurethane liquid under the slab. The polyurethane will begin expanding quickly up to 50 times its original volume.

As the foam expands, it both compresses the soil and pushes against the bottom of the slab, forcing it into position. Polyurethane is non-toxic, so it won’t impact the environment and it will last for decades. That is why The Real Seal will only use polyjacking as a concrete leveling option because you deserve the best.

We Offer Concrete Leveling Using Polyjacking Near You in Schaumburg, IL

When Schaumburg residents run into problems with their concrete, they call on The Real Seal for the solution. We have been working throughout Illinois for many years and our team of foundation and concrete experts is up to any polyjacking challenge.

You can call us or fill out the convenient form on our website. When you do, we will get back to you promptly to get the ball rolling on any concrete leveling needs.

Types of Concrete Leveling The Real Seal Offer



Pool Decks



Concrete Steps


Garage floors

Poly Jacking Process

Polyjacking is a multi-step process performed by a skilled concrete leveling technician. The goal is to lift part of the slab back to its original height.

1. Drilling:

One or more 5/8″ holes will be drilled through the concrete slab. Tapered injection ports are then put in place.

2. Grinding:

If the slab cracked where it settled, it may be necessary to grind the concrete so the two pieces can move freely during the concrete leveling process.

3. Jacking:

In some cases, a sidewalk jack may be used to raise the slab prior to injecting the foam.

4. Inject:

An injection gun is used to force the polyurethane through the hole we drilled in the slab and into the voids underneath it.

5. Expand:

The foam expands quickly to fill the void and the pressure it puts on the underside of the slab lifts it. The technician must monitor the lift so as to not inject too much polyurethane and overshoot the target height.

6. Clean:

Polyurethane foam cleans up easily. We scrape the excess foam from the slab, fill the holes, and clean the area thoroughly. When we leave, you will have a level slab, ready to use.

The Benefits of Polyjacking

Our customers in Schaumburg can enjoy the benefits of polyjacking. Those benefits include the following:

Hole Size

Mudjacking uses a large hole that may be up to 2" in diameter. Polyjacking is done through a 5/8" hole drilled through the concrete.


The polyjacking process does not require a lot of machinery and can be done quickly. After the concrete leveling is finished, it can be used within 15 minutes.


Polyurethane foam only weighs about 2 pounds per square foot once it is open. Compare that to mudjacking, which weighs about 100 pounds per square foot.


Compared to tearing out the concrete and replacing it, polyjacking will save you money. It is also a lot easier and more convenient to have it done with polyjacking.


Polyurethane foam is nontoxic and environmentally friendly.


Unlike mudjacking, polyjacking is easy to clean and we leave very little evidence we were there. After we leave, you will have a clean area, ready to use.

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