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How Can Mold in Your Home Affect Your Health?

How Can Mold in Your Home Affect Your Health?
How Can Mold in Your Home Affect Your Health?

If you begin to cough, sneeze, or smell something unpleasant every time you enter your home, you may question what’s causing these symptoms. Although there can be several contributors, the answer may lie right in front of you—mold. Not only can mold hide in unseen spaces, but constant exposure can also contribute to health issues. How can mold in your home affect your health? Here are some of the ways it might impact you.


As with many other problems, some people are less affected than others. Certain people are more sensitive to the spores and compounds molds produce. As such, these individuals will display several symptoms when they are in a damp place with mold growth. This can include a stuffy nose, itchy throat, irritated eyes, and coughing or wheezing.


Some studies found evidence that there is a link between the presence of mold and the occurrence of asthma symptoms. There are also correlations between the initial development of asthma in predisposed individuals and prolonged contact with mold.

Weakened Immune System or Lungs

People with weakened immune systems or lungs are also prone to mold-related health conditions. For them, the risk of respiratory infections appears to increase with mold exposure.

A few named conditions also exist but are rare. One example is hypersensitivity pneumonitis—an immune system disorder involving lung inflammation. It obstructs normal function and can even cause permanent lung damage.

Toxins and Myth

Though research shows mold can lead to these health complications, not all statements are true.

For instance, there are specific species of molds that can produce mycotoxins. When concentrated and present for an extended period, these mycotoxins can lead to neurological issues. However, the environmental conditions needed to produce this saturation of mycotoxins are very uncommon in houses.

Furthermore, many alleged cases of toxic mold (also known as black mold) do not have established symptoms or evidence in scientific literature to support their claims. In other words, while there is data indicating the real potential health hazards of mold, its negative effects may also not be as sensational as some sources suggest.

Ultimately, mold and perpetual dampness in your home do you no favors and require proper treatment so you can avoid any possible health risks. Fortunately, we at The Real Seal have the knowledge and experience to keep your house dry and mold-free. With our skilled basement, foundation, and crawl space repair services, mold won’t have any place to take root and become a problem. If you’re on the hunt for reliable basement waterproofing in Chicago, give us a call.


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