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Everything You Need to Know About Sump Pumps

Wet Basement Stories
Wet Basement Stories

Sump pumps seem to be the dreaded hidden appliance that puzzles homeowners all over. If you have ever asked “what is a sump pump and why is it important?” then read on to learn everything you need to know about these wet basement lifesavers.

What is a sump pump?
In general terms, a sump pump collects water that accumulates in the basement’s sump basin, and it pumps the water outdoors. The pumps can sit either beneath a submersible pump, or above the floor.
Why are sump pumps used?
A home will have a sump pump if their basement floods regularly. It will solve the issue of wet basements and basement dampness if the home’s water level is above the foundation of the home. They send the water out to a communal storm well or drain where it will no longer be problematic.
How many kinds of sump pumps are there?
There are two common types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible.
Pedestal sump pumps are more noticeable, and are driven by a long vertical extension shaft. They typically last longer, with life expectances of 25 to 30 years if kept free of debris and installed properly.
Submersible sump pumps are installed within the sump basin and are specially sealed in order to prevent electrical short circuits. They are a little bit trickier to get to and service, but can take up a lot of debris without clogging. They will last anywhere between five to 15 years.
What should I look for when buying a sump pump?
Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  1. Invest in a sump pump that has a cast-iron core instead of plastic. Not only will it last longer, but it will also be easier to service.
  2. Look for a pump with a no-screen intake design to minimize clogs.
  3. The pump should have a mechanical switch, not one that works off pressure. The switch should be solid so it cannot get waterlogged and become defected.

No one likes having a wet basement, but unfortunately, 98% of homes with basements will experience some sort of water damage. A quality sump pump can prevent this issue, along with regular maintenance of your basement. This includes repairing cracks in foundation walls, fixing basement leaks when they sprout up, and using the correct basement waterproofing seals to ensure your home is nice and dry!


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