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Why You Should Hire A Licensed and Bonded Contractor

Why You Should Hire A Licensed and Bonded Contractor
Why You Should Hire A Licensed and Bonded Contractor

Homeowners must know that a basement waterproofing contractor’s credentials can make or break their experience. If you hire a contractor who skimps on their credentials, your home could suffer from structural issues and more.

We share a few reasons why you should hire a licensed and bonded contractor.

It’s easy to work with them

When a contractor is licensed and bonded, that means you can feel confident that they’re professional and reputable. Contractors who are not licensed or bonded may be dishonest and disappear after completing a small amount of work.

A licensed and bonded contractor is generally experienced with:

  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Using the right materials
  • Ensuring less maintenance over time

To ensure that they properly completed their work, a licensed and bonded contractor will follow up with you. This way, they can detect any issues, resolve them, and prevent future problems. Also, to showcase their certainty in their work, licensed and bonded contractors usually give their customers a lifetime guarantee.

They have insurance

It’s essential to hire a contractor who has insurance, as this proves the company’s responsibility and gives you peace of mind.

Contractors should have:

  • Personal liability – Your contractor assumes responsibility for damages on your property. Without liability insurance, the damages fall on you.
  • Worker’s compensation – An unlicensed contractor won’t have protection for injured workers. Then, if an accident occurs on the job, the responsibility falls on the homeowner to pay for the medical expenses.

You’re not taking any financial or legal risks


In many cases, contractors need a license to perform labor. Therefore, contractors are breaking the law if they don’t have a license.

Plus, licensed contractors tend to offer better work. Because a licensing board doesn’t review an unlicensed contractor’s work, there’s a strong possibility that you won’t receive quality repairs on your property.


Fidelity and surety bonds ensure that, as a homeowner, you’ll receive financial security—even if the contractor doesn’t finish the job. Also, generally, licensed and bonded contractors offer better financing options, as banks typically won’t work with unlicensed contractors.

Most states require workers to be licensed and bonded by law. So, be sure to do your research. If you have the option to hire a licensed and bonded contractor, do so. They go through the trouble to make sure they operate their business ethically and professionally. As a rule of thumb, always request evidence that the basement waterproofing contractor you’re hiring is licensed, bonded, and even insured. It’s crucial to your home’s safety and your financial security.


Austin Werner

Austin Werner is the Owner of The Real Seal LLC, a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. Austin believes that having a highly trained and happy team is the key to success. This is reflected through hundreds of 5 star customer reviews his company has received online.

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