Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement before Winter

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There’s no question that Chicagoland is known for its winters. You know, the winters like the wonderful polar vortex—or how about that time we were colder than Mt. Everest and the South Pole? Just imagine what all that snow, ice, and horribly cold temperatures do to your foundation––and heaven forbid the moisture finds its way into your basement. You can protect your basement by getting it professionally waterproofed before winter. There are a few reasons why you should waterproof your basement before winter, and we’re going to break them down in our guide below.

The Moisture Freezes in Place

Every winter in Illinois is different, but one thing’s for sure—we’re probably going to get snow and ice. But Illinois doesn’t stop there. We can also count on getting a deep freeze after a snowstorm, because why not, right? All this moisture builds up over time and freezes the ground.

You’re probably wondering what the ground has to do with waterproofing your basement. When the ground freezes, the ice and soil expand. When the soil expands, it puts pressure on your foundation and causes cracks, which can in turn cause several issues. If your foundation itself cracks, you’re essentially welcoming moisture and cold air, which will make your heating bill go up. Once all that moisture unfreezes, it’ll essentially pour into your basement, and a basement flood in the winter is never a good time—trust us.

Foundation Issues Are No Joke

As we said before, the freezing temperatures and moisture only cause major foundation problems. Of course, you’ll probably experience some foundation cracks. Luckily, cracks are relatively easy fixes as long as you call a professional to fill them early. The cold temperatures only accentuate the problem, so call sooner rather than later. The best way to prevent foundation damage from cracks, frost heaves, and frozen pipes is to waterproof your basement before it gets cold. The longer you allow a foundation problem to sit, the more damage it causes and the more expensive it’ll be to fix.

If you’re still wondering why you should waterproof your basement before winter, here’s the simple answer: it’s only going to save you money, trouble, and stress in the long run. Illinois winters are legit, to say the least, so protect your home’s structural integrity by waterproofing before it’s too late.

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