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Why You Can’t Seal the Gap Between a Basement Floor and Wall

Why You Can’t Seal the Gap Between a Basement Floor and Wall
Why You Can’t Seal the Gap Between a Basement Floor and Wall

A lot of people assume they should seal every gap in their basement; however, while it seems logical, it’s wrong. Every basement has what’s called a cove joint; this is where the foundation walls meet the basement floor. The gap is a result of how the builders poured the concrete during construction. Typically, the concrete walls are poured first, and once they’re fully cured, construction works will pour the floor, resulting in a small gap. The cove joint is one of the most common places for basement leaks, so naturally, you’d want to seal that gap, right? Well, in a perfect world, maybe. We’re going to discuss why you can’t seal the gap between a basement floor and wall below.

The Water Pressure Causing the Leak Will Find Another Gap

Basement seepage is often caused by hydrostatic pressure. That merely means the water is putting excessive strain on the foundation, and it has to go somewhere. When there’s a heavy rainstorm or snowfall, the water accumulates around your home and puts pressure on the foundation. With that pressure, the water will find even the smallest gaps and cracks to seep through. If you try to seal the cove joint, the water will just find another entrance. Alternatively, the water pressure may consider finding a different entrance too much work and simply push the sealant out.

The Solution: Drain Tile Systems

As you noticed, sealing the cove joint isn’t going to solve your problem. So what will? The answer is drain tile systems. Installing either an interior or exterior drain tile system will prevent cove joint seepage. As you might suspect, an interior drain tile is installed inside your basement while an exterior system is installed around your home’s foundation from the outside. An interior system will direct the water to your sump pump and away from your home. The exterior system collects the water from outside and redirects it away from the home.

So, why can’t you seal the gap between a basement floor and wall? Because it won’t work. Instead, you need a drain tile system installed. Installing a drain tile system, however, is no easy feat, and it’s definitely not a DIY project. You need a professional crew to complete the project in a proper and timely manner.

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