How Freezing Pipes Damage Your Foundation

How Freezing Pipes Damage Your Foundation
How Freezing Pipes Damage Your Foundation

With winter just right around the corner, it’s important to understand the damage that can occur if you don’t properly prepare for the weather—especially in the Midwest. Don’t let the brutal winter weather damage your home. Instead, do your research and properly prepare for the cold. To begin educating yourself on the harm that can occur, continue reading below about how freezing pipes can damage your foundation. If you don’t follow the proper precautions, the weather will take a toll on your home and leave you with many issues and problems. Start preparing today, or start looking for a foundation repair in Chicago tomorrow!

Freezing Temperatures Cause Leaks

Your foundation is made to withstand normal freezing temperatures. However, those freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to leak or, worse, even burst. If these freezing temperatures result in your pipes bursting, that will ultimately cause more issues, such as endangering the structural integrity of your house. This damage could be permanent.

What Plumbing Is at Risk of Freezing?

Think about it like this: any pipes that are exposed to the elements have a higher chance of leaking or bursting because they’re directly exposed to the cold and freezing temperatures. Examples of these pipes include those in unprotected crawl spaces or that connect to any outdoor faucets that were not turned off.

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Proper Prevention

Dust mites are tiny bugs that grow and spread at rapid rates in a household. No matter how clean your house is, they’ll still inhabit it. They love high humidity environments, so you’ll need to use a reliable dehumidifier to dehydrate the dust mites. The humidity levels in your basement should never be above 60 percent. Dust mites may seem harmless, but they’re notorious for irritating asthma and allergy sufferers.


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