Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Foundation Problems

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Over time, your home’s foundation will likely crack, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s normal. Although vertical cracks are especially common, they could lead to other issues. Many homeowners make the mistake of noticing a foundation issue and telling themselves they’ll get to it eventually. Worse yet, they may notice an issue and do nothing at all. Everybody knows that the foundation is the most important part of their home. Without a foundation, you essentially don’t have a home. Don’t be foolish and put off crucial home repairs. We’re going to discuss some of the reasons you shouldn’t ignore foundation problems in our guide below; check it out.

Foundation Cracks Will Spread Over Time

Every crack in your foundation will only get larger if you don’t take care of it, and no, you can’t just use more concrete to fill the crack. Once a crack has formed, it needs to be professionally sealed. As we briefly mentioned before, you could experience different foundation cracks that are vertical, horizontal, or have a stair-like pattern. Each type of crack indicates a different problem that you should address. For instance, a vertical crack usually means there’s a lot of tension on the concrete. A horizontal crack is the result of excessive water pressure and is the most dangerous in terms of your home’s structural integrity. Finally, a stair-step crack usually means your home is settling unevenly. Depending on your property, a stair-step crack could be very serious.

The Repairs Become More Expensive

Unsurprisingly, as a problem worsens, so does the bill. Imagine noticing a small crack in your basement wall and putting it off. In as little as a month, that crack could expand significantly. Originally, you would’ve had a rather minor expense, but because the crack is larger and the issue is possibly worse, your bill will have grown exponentially. We’re not in the business of making a quick buck off anyone; we’re in the business of helping people keep their basements dry and their foundation solid. Even if the crack looks like nothing, give The Real Seal a call, and we’ll check it out.

Mold and Mildew Will Overrun Your Basement

Foundation issues lead to cracks, and cracks lead to leaks. Once you have even a minor leak, your basement becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. We don’t have to tell you that mold and mildew are dangerous, especially if they become black mold. The moment you notice any leaks or moisture in your basement, you should call us immediately because mold and mildew can lead to serious health complications.

As you can see, there are some serious reasons you shouldn’t ignore foundation problems. Not only does putting off repairs cost you more in the long run, but it could damage your home and make you and your loved ones sick.

As we briefly mentioned, The Real Seal wants to help you improve your home. With our expansive industry knowledge and experience, we guarantee we’ll get the job right the first time. So, whether you need a foundation repair in Chicago or you want a professional’s opinion, give us a call today.

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