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Massachusetts Coastal Towns Slammed With Flooding, Power Loss

Massachusetts Coastal Towns Slammed With Flooding, Power Loss
Massachusetts Coastal Towns Slammed With Flooding, Power Loss

Winter Storm Juno buried parts of the Northeast in as much as two feet of snow — but the thousands living in towns along the Massachusetts coast were trapped in their homes for a different reason.

According to a January 29 report from the  Weather Channel , the coastal flooding led to basement water leaks and floods and power outages for at least 6,550.

Seaside dwellings faced the worst damage, with four homes expected to be condemned for damage including basement cracks and leaks in Marshfield, with another dozen of the town’s homes sustaining major damage. At least five homes in the South Shore town of Scituate experienced similar damage.

For Lisa Caisse of Scituate, the flooding caused at least nine inches of water to leak into her basement, water spraying through a side door, the  Weather Channel  reports. Caisse and at least six other families had to call for a rescue service to escape the flooding.

“You name it, we’re dealing with it,” Police Chief William Pittman told the  Boston Globe . “The only thing we didn’t get is three feet of snow. Instead, we got three feet of water.”

In the aftermath of Juno and the devastating coastal floods, residents of these towns will more than likely return to homes fraught with foundational damage due to water flooding their basements. By hiring a company for repairing foundation problems , however, this damage can be reversed, preventing things like mold and mildew growth and structural problems within the home.

According to the  Weather Channel , the National Weather Service’s flood warning for the Massachusetts coast ended at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on the flooding damage done on homes throughout the Massachusetts coast? Have any questions for us on repairing foundation problems by hiring foundation repair contractors? Ask us anything in the comments below.


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