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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Basement Waterproofing Vs. Water Control

Fun Facts About Mold
Fun Facts About Mold

Having a wet basement is never an issue you should ignore.

Every time water seeps into your home through your foundation, significant damage takes place that weakens your home’s structure and ultimately its value.

And when the cost of fixing foundational water damage can set you back anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, you can’t afford not to take preventive action against flooding in your basement with the help of an external basement waterproofing procedure or internal water control work. The cost of these procedures is far lower than the cost of repairing water damage within your home.

Contrary to what many people believe, water proofing a basement isn’t exactly the same thing as taking basement water control steps. Here are the facts every homeowner should know about the differences between water proofing a basement and basement water control:

Basement waterproofing

During a procedure to water proof your basement, workers will need to excavate your home’s foundation to install drainage systems and apply a waterproofing treatment to its exterior that will keep water from seeping in. While these procedures tend to take more time and money to complete than water control, basement waterproofing procedures are the only guaranteed way to keep your house protected from water damage.

Basement water control

Where water proofing your basement is an exterior job, basement water control is an interior job. With water control, you’re essentially allowing water to enter your home so it can be pumped back out via your basement’s drainage and sump pump. While this might solve water leaks within your basement, it will still allow water damage to take place in your foundation. Ultimately, a basement waterproofing procedure is the only way to go.

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Austin Werner

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