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Chicago-Area Village Approves New Study on Flooding and Storm Water Drainage

Chicago Area Village Approves New Study on Flooding and Storm Water Drainage featured
Chicago Area Village Approves New Study on Flooding and Storm Water Drainage featured

For many people across America, basement water leaks after heavy rainfall can be commonplace if they haven’t had foundation repair or basement waterproofing work done in their homes.

But for one Illinois village on the outskirts of Chicago, storm water drainage is a prominent issue, and flooding is a regular occurrence for most of its residents.

This is why the village of Glencoe recently unanimously approved the funding of a $70,000 engineering study to find a solution for its chronic flooding problems, the  Chicago Tribune  reported on July 28.

Engineering Resources Associates Inc. of Warrenville will conduct the study, according to the  Chicago Tribune .

“This is probably a more complex matter than we think,” Glencoe village board president Lawrence Levin said. “It’s very critical that they come look at it correctly. Staff believes these are the people that can best do the job.”

Glencoe residents have been asking the village board to come up with a solution to chronic basement water leaks for months, as fixing basement leaks and seeking basement water proofing solutions on one’s own is costly work. Repairing water damage in a basement can cost as much as $3,000 to $5,000.

A flooded basement can also be hazardous to the health of people and animals living inside the home, research has shown. Excessive moisture leads to mold growth, which is especially damaging to the health of people and animals.

For residents like Wilma Korn, who told the village board her basement has flooded on and off for at least 30 years, even a basement waterproofing job won’t do much to help alleviate the flooding issue, according to the Chicago Tribune .

“We’ve done what we could, but there’s too much water,” Korn said. “It’s unbelievable. You feel helpless.”

In a June 29  Chicago Tribune  article, Glencoe resident Robert Gross said he has spent more than $150,000 trying to repair water damage in his home after his basement flooded on 10 separate occasions.

Engineering Resources Associates Inc. expects to release its findings on Glencoe’s chronic basement water leaks this fall, the  Chicago Tribune  reports.


Austin Werner

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