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5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Finish Their Basements

Why Homeowners Should Finish Their Basements
Why Homeowners Should Finish Their Basements

To any family, a basement is a useful addition. But unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to finish the space because they believe that it will be a tedious project. The truth is, you can complete a lot of the renovation work on your own, and the perks will totally be worth the time, money, and effort you put toward it.

Don’t let this perfectly good area go unused! It is time to start utilizing this part of your home—below, we explain five reasons why homeowners should finish their basements.

A Finished Basement Boosts Comfort

Most unfinished basements are cold and damp. However, after employing contractors to install insulation, you will notice that your basement feels more comfortable. In the summer months, this area will stay cool, and in the winter it will be warm. Since a finished basement regulates temperatures, you are also much less likely to find mold, pests, and excess moisture in this area of your home. The air quality is also much better in a finished basement than an unfinished one.

On the same hand, you will have the freedom to decorate your finished basement exactly to your taste. In turn, your basement will feel more like an additional room in your home rather than an unwelcoming lower level. Overall, your comfort is reason enough to tackle a basement renovation project.

It Saves You Money in The Long Run

Additionally, a finished basement will save you money. Typically, because unfinished basements don’t have sealing, you need rely solely on your air conditioner and heater to adjust your basement’s temperature. When you finish your basement, your appliances won’t have to work as hard, ultimately saving you money on your energy bills. Also, additions above ground will often cost more than a finished basement. This is because, unlike a new room that contractors have to build from scratch, they don’t have to add to the exterior of the house. Instead, they are reimagining a preexisting space.

Basements Can Be Additional Living Spaces

A finished basement allows you to better accommodate your family and friends when they need a place to stay. You can transform either a portion of your basement or the entire lower level into the ultimate guest suite. Imagine a private, spacious environment that features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting area—your guests are going to love it! When your loved ones know that you have a separate space waiting for them, they are certain to visit your home more often. If you’d like, and if you have the amenities, you can even rent out your basement. This easily offsets renovation costs. Once you pay off this project, you can put rent money toward mortgage payments or other expenses.

It Adds Value to Your Home

Although a home improvement project can be expensive, it is worth the initial cost in the long run. In fact, HomeAdvisor mentions that “the average basement remodel project can have up to a 70% return on investment.” Simply put, if you plan to put your home on the market, and you have a finished basement, it will look more attractive to prospective buyers. This is because the buyer won’t have to worry about renovating the basement since you already put in the work. A finished basement also helps to modernize an older home; contractors can add newer features to it, drawing in more interest. Therefore, you need to trust that you will make up the money you spend on finishing your basement, as your property’s resale value will likely skyrocket. To buyers, a basement renovation project can be just as enticing as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, so don’t rule it out if you have the time and the funds.

You Have More Space

When you finish your basement, you have the freedom to use this space for whatever you want. For instance, you can dedicate the entire floor to storage; a place to put aside family keepsakes, old furniture, seasonal decorations, and unwanted belongings that you plan to donate. Especially if you have a large family, a basement is essential for all the items you will collect over the years. This way, you won’t have to crowd the rooms you are using upstairs—you can neatly organize everything in one place.

If your family room isn’t large enough to host parties, perhaps you can use your basement as an entertainment hub. It can be an ideal location for a kids’ playroom, an at-home movie theater, a home bar, and other exciting options. Furthermore, some homeowners finish their basement and turn it into a quiet office—a peaceful retreat away from the commotion happening upstairs. Others finish their basements to create their own convenient home gyms. After all, once it’s finished, this space can effortlessly house a variety of equipment. Finally, numerous homeowners will use their basement for laundry because they have a generous amount of space for appliances. As you can see, the possibilities are practically endless! No matter what you want to do with your finished basement, you can relax knowing you are putting this space to good use.

To conclude, it is evident that your basement should not be the last of your priorities, so go ahead and finish it. Once you decide to give your basement a new life, you will need to shield it from natural forces to ensure it lasts. For long-lasting beauty and protection against the elements, call The Real Seal. We offer basement waterproofing in Chicago, IL; our licensed and insured staff will make sure your basement stays dry. From foundation crack repair to window well installation, we provide a host of services to effectively seal up your home for good. Our experts take pride in their work, as they have many years of industry experience under their belts. They will arrive at your residence on time, correctly fix the issues at hand, and clean up after they are done. If you want to book reputable basement waterproofing services, contact us today to set up an appointment!

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Finish Their Basements


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