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Will You Match Quotes from Other Companies?

Will You Match Quotes from Other Companies?
Will You Match Quotes from Other Companies?

While we do not get this question quite as often anymore, it does obviously come up. If you do not already, we would HIGHLY recommend that you obtain 3 bids at a minimum from 3 different companies for your Waterproofing and Foundation Repair work. This is important so you can:

  1. Determine/confirm the real work needing to be done.
    1.  You would be surprised how many times an issue is mis-diagnosed. Ever hear of doctors making mistakes? If they can, we all can.
  2. Get accurate pricing.
    1. You don’t want to get your work done and then find out you paid twice what others we were willing to do the work for.
  3. Find a company you can trust.
    1. We don’t always get so lucky to find the perfect company on the first call. Vet and interview to find the right contractor for your project.

Get on With It

Now that we’ve covered the basics of obtaining multiple bids, let’s dive into the question-at-hand: Will we price match?

Short answer is no, we do not price match. Each company has different operating costs:

  • Employee Pay is different
  • Marketing Costs/Strategies are different
  • Branding is different
  • Website/Education is different
  • Overhead costs are different
  • Products used are different

Wouldn’t it just be easier if we all did the same thing?? Obviously, but the Free Market doesn’t work like that. Instead, we all have a choice on how to run our companies and which products/services to use and offer.

After considering the differences each company has, it can be easy to see why the Reputable, Professional, Education-Driven, Customer-Service-Oriented company cannot match the guy in his truck of Craig’s List. And yes, we do get those questions.

Doing It Right The First Time

The big thing to consider is, if I go with this cheaper “Chuck in a Truck” will they even be around when and if I need to use my warranty? What good is a Lifetime Warranty if the company goes out of business next year?

The most important part of selecting the right company for a project is not the INITIAL cost. The most important part is finding a company you can trust. What good is a cheaper project if another company has to come re-do the work? Now, you’ve paid TWICE as much as you should have, and would have saved money doing it the right way the first time. Are you confident in the contractor you have selected, or are you just focusing on the price?

“You Get What You Pay For” is truer in the Foundation Repair and Basement Wateproofing industry than any other. Battery Backups can be found at Big Box Stores for just a few hundred dollars, and that is all the protection they will give your basement. Yes, the same one you spent 30k on, you are now relying on $300 store-brand backup system to protect.

It’s time we started making better choices, and not only invest in our future’s, but our home’s future as well. Invest the right money with the right company, the first time.

Thanks for reading and remember,

“Not Everything’s Better When Wet”


Austin Werner

Austin Werner is the Owner of The Real Seal LLC, a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. Austin believes that having a highly trained and happy team is the key to success. This is reflected through hundreds of 5 star customer reviews his company has received online.

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