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Why DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Is A Bad Idea

Why DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Is A Bad Idea
Why DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Is A Bad Idea
If you’ve been researching “DIY crawl space encapsulation,” chances are you’re looking to save a few dollars. This article will explain why that extra few dollars you think you’ll be saving isn’t worth the hassle, mess, and hazards that come with DIY repairs. We explain eight reasons experts don’t recommend DIY encapsulation and point you in the right direction.

What Is DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation?

DIY crawl space encapsulation is when homeowners apply a vapor barrier along the walls and floors of the space below their home. Encapsulation is meant to seal your basement, prevent water from seeping through your foundation, and increase the air quality under your home. After all, you breathe the air from the floor below you, making encapsulation an effective and energy-efficient solution (by lowering the humidity and temperature under your home, you could save thousands of dollars a year on utility bills).

Why DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Is A Bad Idea

DIY crawl space encapsulation may seem like an easy or stress-free task. But have you ever worked in a space with only a foot and a half of headroom? Or how about an area with so much dust that it makes it hard to breathe? Maybe it’s filled with rats, mice, and racoons. Here are some of the key issues with DY crawl space encapsulation.
crawl space encapsulation

You Lose Out On Warranties

Many homeowners believe they can save money buying encapsulation products themselves and let someone else do the installation. By doing this, the installers usually can’t uphold the warranties since they aren’t choosing the products themselves.

You Lose Out On Professionalism

Crawl space encapsulation may seem easy, but if done incorrectly, you risk something going wrong and costing you more money in the end. If you go the DIY route, you don’t receive the same quality of work from experts with years of experience and practice.

You Lose Out On Time

Without the proper experience, DIY crawl space encapsulation can take weeks to complete. Experts can usually finish encapsulating your crawl space within two days.

You Lose Out On Safety

Crawl spaces are dark and can be filled with all sorts of dangerous things. It could be filled with spiders, cockroaches, mice, rats, and more. You’ll also want to avoid hitting your head on the low ceiling.
worker in crawl space

You Lose Out On Quality

Some DIY products sold online aren’t actually as effective as they seem. Many DIY blogs state that “waterproofing paint” or “concrete sealer” is enough to encapsulate your crawl space. They’re wrong. These DIY solutions come with many drawbacks and inaccuracies. Certain products may claim to prevent water seepage or mold growth. Others state they last decades when in reality, they last under a few years. Only go with products and tools approved and used by foundation waterproofing experts.

You Lose Out On Expertise

If you have electrical, plumbing, or sewer lines underneath your home, you don’t want to damage them during DIY repairs. Crawl spaces can be dark and filled with vital utilities that you don’t want to damage or disturb accidentally. Foundation waterproofing experts will know exactly how to work around pipes and wires, ensuring your crawl space is completely sealed.

You Lose Out On An Inspection

Crawl space encapsulation experts know more than just sealing foundations. Chances are they provide foundation repair as well. This gives them the opportunity to inspect your crawl space and see if it’s still structurally sound. If your crawl space has a structural issue, they can offer the right solutions. If your crawl space has a waterproofing issue, they can also address those concerns by offering other solutions such as a drain tile system and sump pump. If they find mold in your crawl space, you’ll also need to call a mold remediation expert.

You Lose Out On Ease

pipe in crawl space
Crawl space encapsulation isn’t as easy as a five-minute video online says it is. You need to spend time researching how to do it, watch countless videos to ensure you don’t get anything wrong and spend hours in a damp, hot, or cold dark space. You’ll also need to clear out trash, debris, or stored items from your crawl space before any work is done.

Professional Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you live in the Chicagoland area and want professional crawl space encapsulation, call The Real Seal. Since 2011, we’ve been waterproofing and sealing crawl spaces, basements, and other types of foundations. Our knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship is what sets us apart from other companies, including those blogs trying to sell you their DIY products. Call today for your free inspection and estimate.


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