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Interior and Exterior Drain Tile Systems: The Differences

Interior and Exterior Drain Tile Systems
Interior and Exterior Drain Tile Systems

Homeowners with basements know they’re at risk for basement floods and moisture. Naturally, those same homeowners look for every possible way to reduce the likelihood of this nightmare. The best way to avoid basement leaks and floods is to prevent water from building up in the first place with the aid of drain tile systems. There are two drain tile types: interior and exterior, and both are great options to keep water out of your basement. If you’d like to learn the differences between interior and exterior drain tile systems, we’ve got your covered in our detailed guide below.

Interior Drain Tile

As the name implies, an interior drain tile is installed inside your basement. When it rains, water accumulates near your foundation. As more water builds up, the water forms hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. Without an interior drain tile, the pressure would eventually penetrate the foundation and the water would end up in your basement.

An interior drain tile collects the water that congregates around your home and pumps it away from the home. This process occurs because of an installed perforated pipe under your basement floor that reduces pressure and directs the water to your sump pit. From there, the sump pump’s discharge line should then direct the water far away from your home.

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Exterior Drain Tile

As you might suspect, the exterior drain tile is installed outside the home. Both interior and exterior drain tiles work the same way; it merely comes down to where the drain is installed. The key thing to remember about exterior drain tile is it routes the water before it gets to the home’s foundation. Installing an exterior drain tile requires digging up the home’s foundation; otherwise, the system won’t work properly. Though, because the drain is outside, there’s no need to touch anything in your basement, which is especially nice if you have a finished basement. In addition to the drain tile, we install a wall seal to waterproof the foundation walls. We guarantee peace of mind by backing the wall seal with our lifetime warranty.

Now that you know the differences between interior and exterior drain tile systems, you’re probably ready to get one for your home. You can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with The Real Seal. We have extensive experience with basement waterproofing in Chicago and a proven history of satisfied customers. When we leave, we guarantee a dry basement. Please give us a call today to set up an appointment.


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