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Do Carbon Fiber Straps Work?

Do Carbon Fiber Straps Work
Do Carbon Fiber Straps Work

Carbon Fiber is the strongest man-made material in the world. As we have developed this amazing product, we have begun to find all sorts of uses for it. Carbon Fiber nowadays is used in nearly everything, from plane wings to drive shafts to Foundation Repair, Carbon Fiber does it all! We use Carbon Fiber Straps for Foundation Repair, and have had amazing results we would like to share.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the biggest advantages to Carbon Fiber Straps to repair your Foundation Wall is the Lifetime Warranty that comes with the service. Carbon Fiber is so effective and strong (10x stronger than steel), that we are able to ensure that your foundation and repairs will stand the test of time.

Easy Installation

Traditionally, Steel I-Beams were used to hold back the Foundation Wall, should it be bowing or tipping. This required lots of demolition and dust. The I-Beams are bulky, which take away from your living space. While being more expensive, more invasive, and more dusty, they take a far 3rd place to Carbon Fiber (Wall Plates are 2nd).

Carbon Fiber requires only some scoring on the face of the foundation wall and a drill at the top and bottom of the wall. That’s it. With our Dustless Vacuums and Tools, we are able to reduce the mess, cut down on installation time, and keep the full living space for the customer.

It Just Makes Sense

Let’s do a thought experiment for a moment. Say you are standing in a doorway, feet planted on the ground. Someone pushes your shoulders, you fall over, right? Now put your hands on the top of the door (assuming you are tall enough!). Harder to push you over right? Now hang from the door, feet off the ground. You swing like a pendulum.

The point of this is to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Carbon Fiber Straps. Most systems only attach to the wall and either the floor OR the sill plate, but NOT both. This makes it easy for you to be pushed, just as easy as it is for the wall to keep moving from the pressure on the outside.

Our Carbon Fiber Straps are attached at the top Sill Plate and the bottom concrete footing of the foundation. This allows us to get THREE solid anchors, the top of the wall, middle of the wall, and bottom of the wall. Furthermore, the Carbon Fiber contours to the curve of the wall, ensuring the ENTIRE wall stops moving.

I-Beam Supports only support the one part of the wall they touch, as they are un-bending. What do they do with the rest? Pack if full of a cheap cement or wood. If you’re paying for I-Beams to support your wall, why is cheap cement and wood touching the wall?? It doesn’t make sense.

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Holding It Together

Today we have briefly gone over the strength and reliability of Carbon Fiber Straps. The fact of the matter is Carbon Fiber out-performs, out-lasts, and out-everything Steel I-Beams for repair of your Bowing or Tipping Foundation Wall.

Thanks for reading, and as always:

“Not Everything’s Better When Wet”


Austin Werner

Austin Werner is the Owner of The Real Seal LLC, a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. Austin believes that having a highly trained and happy team is the key to success. This is reflected through hundreds of 5 star customer reviews his company has received online.

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