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Common Causes of Sump Pump Problems

Common Causes of Sump Pump Problems
Common Causes of Sump Pump Problems

A sump pump is often an integral part of a home’s basement waterproofing system. When old structures already exist and it’s not feasible to adjust the grading of the ground around the home, a sump pump can drive out water that would otherwise collect around the foundation and basement and lead to leaks. However, your sump pump may sometimes become nonfunctional. This could be due to a variety of reasons. Here are some common causes of sump pump problems you might face.

Stuck Switch

Sump pumps are made to activate when their sump pit fills with water. They turn on when a float connected to a switch rises with the water level and turns the switch. A switch can become stuck in an activated state, though, if the float gets caught at the top of the pit. In such a case, repositioning of the float is required so that it can smoothly rise and fall with the water level once again.

Blocked Pipe

The pipe through which water is expelled from the sump pit can become blocked, disrupting its operation. A variety of substances may be responsible for the clogging, including soil, plant debris, and ice in colder temperatures. You can avoid this by having the exit opening covered by a grating so that large obstructions cannot make their way in. As for the possibility of ice, you should make sure that your sump pump’s discharge line is buried deep enough in the ground that it won’t be subject to freezing. Installing an alternative route through a freeze guard will further ensure that the water doesn’t become backed up because of ice and burn out the pump.

Power Outage

At times, your sump pump may become deactivated by power outages because it usually relies on electricity from a wall socket to work. Unfortunately, these outages are quite common during heavy storms with a significant amount of rainfall. If your lights go off during a downpour, it’s safe to bet that the sump pump will stop working too. To prevent this, you should obtain a backup generator or battery that can supply the pump with energy even if the local power ceases to be supplied.

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