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Crawl Space leaks

Even though you most likely don’t go into your crawl space very often, crawl space foundation repair is important for any homeowner. You don’t want to let leaks and moisture sit too long in this enclosed space. Leaks that case constant moisture under your house will eventually lead to an environment where mold will thrive and cause damage to the air you breath and your home.

The Real Seal Solution

The Real Seal offers a wide range of crawl space foundation repair services to keep your space dry and safe. Crawl Space Encapsulation is a great way to rid your crawl space of that musty smell. Coupling this with a drain tile and sump pump, we can eliminate the worry of mold growth by preventing water from becoming stagnant. Additional benefits include locking out allergy aggravating dust from pea gravel and the additional use of dry storage space.

We use either 12 mil or 20 mil thick thread-reinforced plastic crawl space liner. Attached at your foundation and sealed at the seams, this system creates an effective barrier between your crawl space and the air flowing under your home. Call us today for your free consultation to see which system best fits your needs.

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Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Crawl Space leaks