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Cove Joint Seepage

Cove Joints are a very common place to get basement seepage. The main reason for this is that Cove Joints are a type of cold joint between different pours of concrete. This means that the area is not waterproofed and can consequently let water through when under pressure. Fortunately, there is a reliable and warrantied system we can install that will prevent this from ever leaking again.


There are two different types of Drain Tile Systems that prevent basement flooding through the Cove Joint: Interior and Exterior. As the names suggest, the Interior Drain Tile is installed inside your basement, and the Exterior is installed around the outside of your foundation. While the two are principally the same and hold the same Lifetime Warranty, there are a few key differences.


The Real Seal provides interior drain tile installation to keep your home dry. An Interior Drain Tile System works by collecting the water gathering around your foundation, pumping it out and away from the home.
When it rains, water gathers around your foundation like in a basin. The hole that was dug for your foundation was never truly forgotten, and the less-dense dirt allows for an easier path for water to gather. This is why many basements need to have a basement waterproofing system installed. As the water gathers around the foundation, it builds up and causes pressure on the foundation. In this case, we refer to this as Hydrostatic Pressure. It is similar to the way water is held in a water bottle. When you poke a hole at the bottom, the stream of water will travel farther than the hole you poke at the top. An Interior Drain Tile System does not allow this pressure to build up, and therefore keeps the water from building up and entering the basement.
The mechanics of the system are simple. A perforated pipe is laid in a bed of washed stone under your basement floor. As water gathers around and under your home’s foundation, this pipe gathers the water and redirects it to a sump pit. From here, a sump pump will eject the water from the basement, out and away from the home where it won’t have the chance to gather around the foundation again.
The Discharge Line is designed to transport the water far enough away from the home, so that water does not simply gather again around the foundation. Buried underground with a Freeze Guard installed to prevent your sump pump from burning out should the line freeze, the discharge line is essential to keeping your basement dry.
Additional features of an Interior Drain Tile System may include a water vapor barrier wall covering. This product will allow a homeowner to finish their basement, studs, insulation, and drywall without the fear of water through the walls causing deterioration and mold. Many walls, such as cinder block and brick, allow water to seep through them as well. This water vapor barrier will keep the water contained and flowing, allowing you to enjoy your new living space.


At The Real Seal, we specialize in providing exterior drain tile systems to prevent water from entering your home. An Exterior Drain Tile system is very similar to that of an Interior System. The main difference is that it is done by excavating the foundation and installing the system from the outside. While both systems accomplish the same thing, this system is unique as it collects the water before it gathers under the foundation.
The same mechanics are in play for this system. Water gathers like in a basin around your foundation, and a gravity pipe system directs the storm water into a sump pump. The pump then ejects the water from the home via a discharge line. There are a few differences that should be noted.
Obviously, your foundation needs to be dug up in order to install the system. There are benefits of doing the extra work. The first is a standard wall seal is installed in order to waterproof the basement foundation walls. This seal’s integrity is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, as is the entire system. So, while the vapor barrier wall covering blocks and redirects water seeping through the foundation walls, the exterior seal prevents it from coming through in the first place.
Another benefit of doing the Exterior Drain Tile is that you do not need to remove or touch anything in the basement. Save for the installation of a sump pump, all of the work is performed on the outside of the home. So, if you have a beautifully finished basement, it need not be touched in order to complete the basement waterproofing system.
Both systems, while they may be different in installation, accomplish the same goal. Your basement WILL be waterproofed once we are done. It will allow you to finish your basement, adding usable living space to your home. Mold, musty smells, and pooling water will no longer be worries of yours. Best of all, both systems come with a Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty. This is where it really counts. You can rest easy, travel from home, visit family, and leave your mind open for more important things in your life. Trust us, and get The Real Deal with The Real Seal.

How Much Does Drain Tile Cost?

So, you either suspect you need, or already have had someone tell you, that you need a Drain Tile System installed in your basement. This means that you have water coming up from the floor, Cove Joint (Where the floor meets the wall), have a block foundation wall, or are just doing a precautionary measure before finishing your basement. Any way you cut it, the system needs to be installed. Now the fun part, getting quotes and comparing costs. We were never taught how much to expect services to cost, we have to find out on our own. The worst part, most companies have different pricing, and sometimes it isn’t even in the same ballpark! At The Real Seal we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing so that way, you know if you are getting a good deal. Click the link below to view our pricing sheet:


  • There are companies out there that are not quite as transparent. Be sure you do your research! Unless you have a MASSIVE basement, Drain Tiles should NOT be costing $20-30,000.
  • BIG Discounts after the estimate is left just means they were willing to hose you for way more $$. Once they realized you won’t pay that much, they are willing to drop the price. Where is the bottom, fair price? Put the prices above together and you can get yourself very close, if not exact.
  • Discounts for signing on-the-spot. Yet another tactic for getting you to sign up right then and there. If the price can drop so much while they still make money, why not just LEAD with that price?
  • CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Remember, these systems are worth what you pay for them. Getting a Craig’s List contractor to come in and do it under the radar for cheaper will only leave you paying for the system twice. Those warranties are not nearly as strong as the more reputable and established companies.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH. Always look up company’s reviews and ratings online. READ THE REVIEWS.

We hope this helps getting your budgeting together when undertaking the installation of a Drain Tile System. Let us know if you have any questions about our exterior and interior drain tile installation, and as always:

“Not Everything’s Better When Wet”




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