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Concrete slabs, patios, walkways, and driveways can all be lifted and leveled with the help of concrete leveling in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It is done using polyurethane foam through a technique called polyjacking. It is a non-toxic process, quicker, and far more durable than other concrete leveling solutions.

Why Does Concrete Settle?

Concrete settlement can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as improper drainage, inadequate compaction, unfavorable site conditions, and an increased number of tree roots. The most common cause of concrete settlement is when rainwater and gutter water wash debris out from underneath your driveway or sidewalk, causing significant damage. The voids or pockets created as a result of this can cause concrete to settle.

Clay-rich soil, which frequently contracts and expands in response to moisture content, is another factor causing the concrete to settle. It causes soil to become unstable due to the changes in moisture content, which further causes the concrete to shift and sink.

Why Does Concrete Settle

Concrete Leveling Using Polyjacking

Concrete surfaces should be supported by soil that is just as durable and strong as the concrete itself. If not, it won’t be strong enough to hold the weight of the entire structure. The slab cannot be replaced if the problem is weak soil.

Benefits of Polyjacking​

Fast Acting

Fifteen minutes after the foam cures, you can walk or drive over the concrete.


Polyjacking as a process can be minimally invasive for owners as it does not involve any considerable excavation or digging.


Since polyurethane foam is lightweight, unlike the heavy materials used in mudjacking, there's no further settlement.

Environmentally Friendly

The foam used for polyjacking does not show any reaction to moisture and it does not let any harmful substances seep into the ground.


You can easily save up to half of the traditional concrete slab replacement costs if you opt for concrete leveling by polyjacking.


Polyurethane foam is not easily damaged by water once it's been cured. It is completely waterproof and highly durable.