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How do foundation walls bow and buckle?

Foundation walls are under constant pressure from the outside soil pushing in. When it rains or snows, the water will absorb into the soil and create hydrostatic pressure that will push against the foundation walls. Over time, the bowing and buckling can lead to cracks and water leakage into your home. Collapse is a possibility if the damage is ignored and the wall is allowed to bow even further.

Reasons for foundation bowing and buckling

There can be many reasons why your foundation walls may be buckling or bowed. From nearby vibrations often caused by local company machinery or even from constant traffic to new floors and weight being added to the foundation, these factors can definitely play a role in needing buckling or bowing foundation wall repairs. Even tree roots can add to the deterioration of your walls as they grow and put pressure on the sides of your house. However, the most common problem seen is hydrostatic pressure.
Hydrostatic pressure can be an enormous threat and is often the cause of bowing or buckling foundation walls. This usually occurs when it rains or snows. As the water absorbs into the soil, the hydrostatic pressure created will push against the foundation walls. This could obviously have major ramifications on the rest of the house for homeowners. It is very important to amonitor potential threats to your home’s foundation and be mindful of any signs that would indicate damages to the basement walls. While there may seem like there are a lot of threats to harm your home foundation, don’t fret too much. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to bowing or buckling wall repairs in the Chicagoland area.
Bowed Or Buckling Foundation Wall Repair

How do I know if my wall is bowed or buckled?

If you witness any of these potential signs, you should take immediate action or consult with a professional from The Real Seal today! Don’t hesitate when it comes to bowing or buckling foundation wall repairs, as cracks can become wider and cause more problems, such as water damage and pests entering your home.

Bowing or Buckling

First, you should evaluate your walls to ensure that they are suffering from bowing or buckling. There are several signs that you are combatting these issues.

Foundation Cracks

If your block foundation is cracked, it means that lateral pressure is occurring and causing damage. In fact, if you see cracks in poured concrete, your brick foundation, chimney, or drywalls, these can be warning signs that mean you have bowed or buckled walls.

Door and Window Issues

Uneven doors or windows can happen when your walls are moving. Another indication is if you are unable to open or close doors or windows.

How we can repair your bowed or buckled foundation wall?

Bowed and buckled foundation walls can be repaired using carbon fiber reinforcement products. With carbon fiber straps, you are able to easily add support to your walls. Our carbon fiber supports are added in the interior of your home. With a simple installation and minimal invasive visible changes, it’s easy to see why carbon fiber supports are a favorite among our clients.

What is carbon fiber?

Amazingly, Carbon Fiber is the strongest man-made material in the world. Used in many applications including helmets, bullet-proof vests, race cars, space shuttles, and more, this lightweight and sturdy material has revolutionized many industries due to its capabilities. This makes carbon fiber a great candidate for foundation wall repairs.

Carbon Fiber starts off as a fabric made of small fibers of carbon that are woven and bonded together by the thousands and millions in order to create a material that is stronger than steel. Originally, Carbon Fiber was very expensive to create, but over time the price has come down and is now accessible to the general public. Not only are they strong, they have a very high tolerance to extreme temperatures.

How can using carbon fiber crack repair fix your foundation?

Fixing bowed or buckling walls with carbon fiber straps is a great solution. We use an advanced wall support system made of super strong carbon fiber to alleviate the pinpoint pressure from the outside of your foundation and distribute the force more evenly across the wall. Spreading out this pressure will help stop any further bowing or cracking your foundation may be experiencing. We are able to repair small or large cracks with this method including stair stepping cracks in concrete block walls. The ease and quickness of installation makes using carbon fiber straps the best option when searching through potential fixes for fixing foundations.

Because of the easiness of installation, placing carbon fiber straps on your walls can be a very quick process; some jobs only taking about a day. First, the cracks must be sealed and repaired. We use our epoxy injection to fix the basement cracks which usually dry in a couple of hours. Once that is complete, we move forward with installing the carbon fiber supports.

Our team will install the galvanized bracket to the top of the house frame. The strap will then be applied across the wall and attached to the footer of the foundation. It’s important that the strap is connected to different points of the home foundation. The strap will distribute the stress evenly and stop any bowing that may be occurring.

Bowed Or Buckling Foundation Wall Repair
Bowed Or Buckling Foundation Wall Repair

Benefits of using carbon fiber wall straps for foundation repair

It is important to note that while the straps are fairly easy to install, if installed incorrectly, can have a deeply negative impact on your foundation walls. Give us a call and we can advise you on how to best repair your carbon fiber straps, giving you the peace of mind that a professional did the job. With that being said, there are many benefits for using our carbon fiber supports in your carbon fiber foundation repair project.

Carbon fiber wall straps for foundation repair are easy to install, making the project a quick endeavor for our professionals.

Because carbon fiber straps are small but strong, visibility is not an issue as you can easily paint over them and they will appear almost invisible.

Using carbon fiber wall straps is ideal since the material is extremely strong while boasting a very light weight.

Price is another factor that many people worry about when they see that they have to repair bowing or bending walls. Out of the most common options to fix your foundation, carbon fiber straps are the least expensive.

Another positive of using carbon fiber supports is how durable the material is. You won’t have to worry about further maintenance costs! After you install the supports, you don’t have to keep investing in upkeep maintenance.

Choosing carbon fiber supports is an economical choice. The Real Seal can help install the straps in your home today. While putting the straps in yourself may seem like a good idea, poorly placed supports can actually do more damage than help. Leave it to the experts to get the job done correctly. Don’t wait until your house faces potential damage or collapse, give us a call and let us take care of your foundation problems.

About Fortress Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

The Fortress Stabilization System is a complete solution for basement wall repair, providing the strongest anchoring system from top to bottom. 20 plus years of engineering has created a strong support system, and fortress was the first company to develop a top-of-the-wall anchor for basement wall repair. The Fortress system is certified with the International Code Council Evaluation Service and has a lifetime warranty that ensures a great product. From small to large cracks, Fortress Stabilization System can help correct them and prevent leakage.

We understand how busy you may be, and that time is hard to come by. For many homeowners, it’s exceedingly easy to forget about a home’s foundation during the hectic rush of everyday life. As a result, many people take their foundations for granted, often not realizing that the foundation is responsible for a home’s structural integrity.

And when maintaining a healthy foundation can help preserve your home’s value over the long-term, there are plenty of reasons to determine whether or not you need to invest in a foundation repair procedure. This is especially true when more than 98% of homes with basements will incur some form of water damage!

Bowed Or Buckling Foundation Wall Repair

Using carbon fiber basement wall supports are less expensive than some of the other alternatives to fix your bowing or buckling foundation.

Carbon fiber is a very strong material that is also very light, making it an easy job to install. This project could be completed quickly, with some jobs taking only a day, meaning you don’t have to deal with construction disrupting your daily routine for very long.

If painted correctly, you will barely see the strips attached to the wall. You can easily move forward with your life as if the problem never existed!

Give The Real Seal a call

Do you have questions or concerns about your basement foundation walls? Contact us today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be able to help. We have helped many clients repair and fix their walls with the Fortress carbon fiber wall supports. We will be able to access any damages at your house and provide you with potential solutions to help repair any problems. Don’t wait until your foundation walls experience worse damage beyond repair.

At The Real Seal, LLC, we are dedicated to ensuring your home’s foundation is able to stand the test of time. For more information about our carbon fiber foundation repair in the Chicagoland area, call us at (847) 262-9962.

Bowed Or Buckling Foundation Wall Repair

How fast should I have this repaired?

Depending on the amount of damage and bowing already experienced, it may need to be repaired quickly.

With the amount of damage that a bowed or buckled foundation wall can cause, it would be wise to have our team come in soon and give our professional opinion. Bowing or buckling walls can lead to structural failure and even collapse. Don’t wait to have your foundation repaired, call The Real Seal today to come give a professional evaluation and to schedule buckling or bowing wall repairs.

Real Seal Help

If you’re seeking help with your bowed or buckled wall, please give us a call today! Many people have experienced bad results from waiting, as the foundation can become less sturdy and becomes damaged beyond repair. The Real Seal has helped countless clients in the Chicagoland area with their foundation problems. With our knowledge, experience, and equipment, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the results you want.




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