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The Big Consequences of Household Leaks That Seem Small

The Big Consequences of Household Leaks That Seem Small
The Big Consequences of Household Leaks That Seem Small

There are numerous ways in which your home can leak. For example, fixtures such as faucets, toilets, and tubs commonly drip inside your residence, and your foundation and roof can leak as well. While these types of leaks happen often, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them, especially if they are easy to correct. We explore the consequences of household leaks as well as how you can treat them.

They Are Costly

Do you have to pay a large water bill every month? Perhaps you may not know why, and you will feel tempted to call your utility company. But before you do so, remember that it could be due to the water trickling in multiple areas of your home. No matter the magnitude of the leaks, it is still water that you are unintentionally using up. If you want to avoid spending more than necessary on your monthly water bills, see if you can find any leaks. If you do find some, have a professional come and fix them for you right away.

Furthermore, if water seeps through your walls, or if it found its way underneath your floors, you’ll have some expensive repairs on your hands. This is because it is not easy to access water pipes, so you will likely have to tear out portions of your flooring or walls. It is also possible that the water may damage parts of your sink or tub, so naturally, you’ll need to replace them as well. If the damage is severe enough, the water can even damage your appliances and furniture. This can have a serious impact, especially if you invested heavily in your possessions.

On the same hand, standing water produces a strange, musty odor that lasts for weeks, so getting rid of it is a challenging process. No doubt, it is going to cost you money and time to remedy the smell. You will have to dry out the room with a dehumidifier, and you must get to the bottom of the smell if you want it to dissipate for good. A simple potpourri does mask the smell, but it isn’t a long-term solution to the odor. This is where you are probably going to invest in a combination of different products to eliminate it.

To put it simply, if you want to save some cash, as well as stress, it is worth investigating your living space for the culprits behind any leaks. Trust us—you’ll thank us later for the extra cash you can put toward other expenses. Plus, to preserve your home’s interior and exterior for a long time, the sooner you fix the leaks, the less they will impact your residence.

Your Property Value Decreases

Without a doubt, when you sell your home, you want to secure the highest resale price possible. However, if there is noticeable water damage on your home’s walls or ceilings, the price will drop. Above all, property damage won’t attract prospective homeowners. No one pictures themselves living in a home with distorted or stained ceilings and walls—they envision a home that looks new. Even if your house has a history of water-related issues, these problems will affect the final selling price. Therefore, to minimize wet spots and other damage, it is in your best interest to take care of the leaks before they impact your entire living space.

Your Home Becomes a Health and Safety Hazard

There is no denying that leaking pipes affect indoor air quality; any standing water encourages bacteria growth. Additionally, many surfaces, including tile and wood, can grow mold and mildew if they don’t dry fast enough. The spores produced from these fungi can irritate those with severe allergies or asthma. Certainly, the symptoms from these contaminants are bothersome. You don’t want your family (including your pets) suffering due to mold and mildew. Similarly, water damage can increase people’s risks of developing infections or respiratory issues. This damage can also attract disease-carrying pests, like mosquitoes, mice, and other insects and rodents. In this case, it is in your best interest to keep everyone in your house healthy by lessening any additional moisture in the first place.

At the same time, excess water in your home can get dangerous quickly. For instance, if a foundation leak floods your basement, this water may affect electrical equipment and start a fire. Thus, if you notice water near wall outlets, be sure to immediately clean up the moisture and find a way to resolve the underlying issue. Do not procrastinate on this—you don’t want to put yourself and your family in danger.

You Waste Precious Resources

Untreated leaks can waste 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water every year. These droplets may seem like nothing at the moment, or perhaps they’re not immediately obvious to you; however, over time, you are losing a lot of water that typically goes toward everyday tasks. To reduce your environmental impact, try your best to promptly remedy the leaks you encounter. This way, you can conserve a significant amount of water.

Some leaks are simple to detect, while others may be invisible until the worst-case scenario happens. That is why you should employ experienced contractors. They can handle any advanced restoration projects, such as sealing foundation cracks caused by water leaks. If you want the best company to fix these cracks, consider contacting The Real Seal. We are experts in seamless foundation crack repair and basement waterproofing in Chicago, as well as its surrounding cities.

You can trust that our team will give your home our undivided attention. We will thoroughly examine your space before performing any work. We will use effective techniques to mend any damage found on your property. First, we use epoxy injection to permanently seal cracks. Then, if necessary, we improve your foundation’s support by installing carbon fiber supports or piers. Finally, once we complete the job, you can trust that we will stand behind it with our Lifetime Guarantee. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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