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The 3 Most Common Causes of Sagging Crawl Spaces

The 3 Most Common Causes of Sagging Crawl Spaces
The 3 Most Common Causes of Sagging Crawl Spaces

If the first floor of your home doesn’t seem level, or if it seems oddly springy, there may be larger underlying issues that’ll require your immediate attention. If untreated, your crawl space’s support system won’t be able to bear the weight above it anymore, and it may even collapse. Let’s examine the three most common causes of sagging crawl spaces.

Cause #1: Your Crawl Space’s Columns Are Too Far Apart

No doubt, your flooring will sag if it has insufficient support; too few supports and too much space left in between them can result in unnecessary stress. Thus, the floor above will sag between the columns that support the weight of your entire home. You’ll be able to see apparent indicators of stress simply by looking at floor joists or the beams that hold up your floors. Additional supports can aid in properly elevating your first floor.

Cause #2: Rotting Floor Joists

Sadly, some contractors don’t seal crawl spaces from the outside, so humidity and excess moisture can cause the structural wood to rot or grow mold. Rotten and wet wood is not only a health hazard, but it also attracts insects and rodents. To protect your crawl space from pests and structural failure, you must keep your home dry. Look for clear signs of moisture around your crawl space, and if contractors haven’t already sealed your crawl space, be sure they do so.

Cause #3: Weak Soil

Like your foundation, the supports that hold up your crawl space can sink into settling soil. This creates a gap at the tops of the columns and bottoms of the girders. Jack posts are typically an effective solution to this problem.

Your crawl space is an integral area of your home, so it’s essential that you take care of the issues we outlined above before they worsen. When homeowners correctly build and maintain their crawl spaces, they find that their residences are more comfortable and energy-efficient.

If you want to fix your sagging crawl space, our Chicago basement waterproofing company can help you out. In addition to our basement waterproofing and foundation repair services, our team can perform jack post installation, which will lift your crawl space back into place and stabilize it. Call us today for a free consultation!


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