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Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems
Warning Signs of Foundation Problems
Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make, so when you know the signs of foundation problems, you put yourself in the best position to protect that investment, not to mention your family’s safety. Noticing and taking care of these issues early on can be the difference between a simple repair and an entire foundation replacement.
Some of the most common foundation problem warning signs include:
  • Foundation Cracks. If you notice zig-zag-shaped cracks in your foundation or the brick exterior of your home, you should set up an inspection immediately. This is one of the tell-tale signs that you have a serious foundation problem.
  • Foundation Settling. Ideally, your house should appear flat and sturdy. If you notice it starting to sink, it’s definitely worth getting it checked out, as this can be an indicator of a larger foundation-related issue.
  • Uneven Floors. If your floors are uneven, it could be due to the fact that there is a structural problem with your foundation, specifically with your pier and beam foundations. Once this tilt starts, it will only continue to get worse if repairs don’t take place.
  • Doors and Windows Don’t Close Properly. Foundation issues can result in door and window frames becoming misaligned. Schedule an inspection immediately if your windows and doors suddenly don’t latch with ease.
  • Chimney Movement. If your chimney starts tilting or cracks begin to form near your home, it’s likely not an issue with the chimney itself, but rather with your foundation.
Any of the above instances could constitute a foundation problem warning sign, and they’re definitely worth getting checked out. If you notice any of these signs of foundation problems in your Chicago home, contact the professionals at The Real Seal immediately. Catching these red flags early can make a world of difference when it comes to costs and/or safety
Warning Signs of Foundation Problems


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