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Likely Places Where You’ll Find Mold in Your Basement

Likely Places Where You’ll Find Mold in Your Basement
Likely Places Where You’ll Find Mold in Your Basement

Summer has arrived, and we’re arguably more excited for this one than ones in the past. After all, we’ve been stuck in the house for nearly a year and a half. Though, as excellent as summertime is, certain maintenance projects come along with the change in season. Your house may become moldier than it was in the wintertime. Read about some likely places where you’ll find mold in your basement. Stay prepared for whatever comes your way.

Wall Cavities

One likely place where you’ll find mold in your basement is inside a wall cavity. Why does this happen? The answer is that these areas collect humid moisture, which is the perfect recipe for mold growth. But there’s no reason to panic just yet. In the case of nonporous mold, you can simply wipe it away using special ingredients. For porous mold, however, you may need to cut around the drywall to get rid of it. Pro Tip: If you have wallpaper, you should conduct regular mold inspections—mold can grow behind the paper.


Mold can grow around windows, as condensation often accumulates there. But you can’t cut around the mold like you can with drywall, unfortunately. You’ll likely need a strong chemical solution to get rid of the mold. Remember to check between the window seals, too. Condensation may collect there and create the perfect spot for mold growth. Just like wall cavities, you should perform regular mold checks to ensure that everything looks good.

Around Pipes and Ducting

Likely Places Where You'll Find Mold in Your Basement

One of the most common places for mold to grow in a basement is around pipes and ducting. These areas often provide the perfect conditions for mold growth, as they can be damp and humid. If there are any leaks or condensation in the pipes or ducting, it can create the moist environment that mold needs to grow.

Near a Sump Pump

Another likely place for mold growth in your basement is near a sump pump. Sump pumps are designed to keep your basement dry by removing any excess water, but if the pump fails or becomes clogged, it can lead to standing water and promote mold growth. Furthermore, the moisture and humidity that accompanies a sump pump can create the ideal environment for mold to take hold.

Summer is one of the common times of year for mold growth because of the humidity and moisture outside. But wall cavities and windows aren’t the only places in your basement that are prone to mold. Your air ducts can also face this risk. What can you do besides conduct regular inspections? Call The Real Seal, who does the best basement waterproofing in the Chicago area, ASAP. We want you to enjoy this summer, not worry about what’s happening in your basement.


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