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Red Flags To Watch for When House Hunting

Red Flags To Watch for When House Hunting
Red Flags To Watch for When House Hunting

With mortgage rates at record lows, people are naturally looking to snag a deal. However, despite the low-interest rates, you don’t want to purchase a lemon and end up spending additional money on major repairs. We’re not going to let you buy a house that’s only going to cause you future headaches. If you’d like to learn some of the red flags to watch for when house hunting, we’ve got you covered in the following guide.

The Price Doesn’t Seem Possible

Most (if not all) people have a budget when they’re house hunting. Everybody wants a deal, but if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. A really good price almost always indicates something’s wrong with the property. Alternatively, a low price doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong with the home physically—it could be because the location falls in a flood zone or a bad neighborhood.

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The Property Reappears Online After Being Under Contract

If you’re looking to buy a home, the first place a lot of us go to look is online. Most people begin forming a list of promising homes based on websites such as Zillow or Realtor. That said, you may notice a home you were interested in went under contract, but the real estate agent relisted the property at a later time—this is not a good sign. Of course, the contract could’ve fallen through for a number of reasons, including the buyer’s bank. On the other hand, the buyer may back out of the contract which usually indicates they found an issue with the home.

A Peculiar Smell and Excessive Air Fresheners

Every time you go to view a potential home, pay attention to all your senses. Your nose can tell you a lot about the home. Two things to keep a nose out for (get it?) during the showing is a foul odor or a lot of air fresheners. Both the odor and excessive amounts of air fresheners can signal that the home has had mold or water damage and the seller is trying to cover it up.

Cracks in the Foundation

Finally, you should always inspect the property’s foundation both from the interior and exterior. You especially want to take note of any corrosion or cracks on the foundation. Cracks don’t necessarily mean you should avoid the home, but they do indicate you’ll need a professional to repair the foundation. To prevent further problems, you should ensure your basement is sealed by a professional basement waterproofing service.

Buying a home can be a nightmare, but that’s all the more reason to take it seriously. We hate hearing about people who bought a home that’s full of problems, and that’s why we wanted to provide some red flags to watch for when house hunting.

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