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Our Comprehensive Guide to Window Wells

Our Comprehensive Guide to Window Wells
Our Comprehensive Guide to Window Wells

Window wells keep debris and water out of your living space, making them absolutely essential. We’ve created a quick guide about window wells and their covers.

The Benefits of Window Wells

They let in air and light

Window wells allow air and natural light to enter your basement. When you have a window well, your basement appears brighter and larger.

They act as an alternative emergency exit

If necessary, you can use your window well as an emergency exit. Just be sure to purchase a safety escape ladder, too.

Why You Need A Window Well Cover

There are many reasons why you might want to purchase a window well cover. Check out a few of those reasons below.

They protect your basement from flooding

Your basement’s windows can make it easy for water to enter your home. A window well cover can prevent leaks and keep the soil around your windows from shifting.

They keep out bugs and rodents

If you don’t cover your window well, you may experience basement infestations. Bugs and rodents don’t belong in your home, and you’ll need a window well cover to help keep them away.

Window wells aren’t easy to clean

You must maintain your window well to ensure it lasts. If you leave your window well uncovered, you’ll need to regularly clean the drain of dead branches and leaves because the debris prevents water from draining away from your window. A messy window well also looks incredibly unattractive. During the winter, you’ll likely have to clean an uncovered window well every week.

Additional Information About Window Well Covers

To save you from the issues that we just mentioned, be sure to cover your window well. A cover offers extra protection, as it keeps dirt, mud, twigs, and other materials out of the well’s drain and—most importantly—your home.

Covers come in custom sizes; you can purchase a standard cover, but it may not provide the best protection.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to consider the material the cover is made from. Plastic bubble covers are flimsy. A window well cover made from rigid materials, however, won’t collapse from piled-up debris. Polycarbonate covers, for example, promote drainage and can hold hundreds of pounds of landscape waste. In fact, polycarbonate is more than 200 times stronger than polyethylene (plastic). Furthermore, a cover keeps your family safe; it keeps intruders out and prevents someone from accidentally falling into the well.

Without a cover, ice, snow, and water will collect in your well. If you let any of these materials sit for too long, they can shatter your window. Overall, a properly fitted window well cover is a great investment. It saves you money and time, as it protects your home all year round. If you’re looking for a company to fit your new window well and cover, contact our team for basement window well installation.


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