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Not As-Seen-On-TV: Basement Waterproofing and the Myths Surrounding It

Not As-Seen-On-TV_ Basement Waterproofing and the Myths Surrounding It
Not As-Seen-On-TV_ Basement Waterproofing and the Myths Surrounding It

Taking precautionary steps to prevent damage from occurring in your home due to seemingly unstoppable things like water leaks is never a bad idea. Unfortunately, most people are sucked into the as-seen-on-tv gambits and end up with products and services that they don’t need or don’t actually work.

Frankly, there are certain issues that deserve your attention and action as a conscientious homeowner. Things such as water damage can wreak havoc on a foundation and create a breeding ground for harmful molds in your walls. There are means to protect your home from unforeseen damages such as this, one of them being basement waterproofing.
This product doesn’t come in a can or have a tv only price of just four easy payments of $29.95 when you call in the next 10 minutes. It’s a service offered by industry professionals to help keep your home secure and structurally sound. Despite being a sometimes necessary precautionary service, there are still myths and confusion surrounding basement waterproofing.
Let’s take a look at a few of those myths.

All I need is waterproof paint

While products such as these can in fact work, they won’t protect your basement to the fullest extent. Waterproof paint might at best hinder some water or prevent vapors but will not stop the incoming water. You’ll want to find a more permanent and effective method of waterproofing.

Even waterproofing won’t keep the water out completely

If you hire a professional home waterproofing service, then you shouldn’t get a half-product. When a reputable company says that they will waterproof your basement, then you should expect to get a waterproof basement. If you hire the right company, that’s exactly what you’ll get. So find a basement waterproofing company that can come and give you an assessment and tell you exactly what you need.

It didn’t work for them so it won’t work for me

Probably one of the oldest rules in life is that nothing is the same for each person. That isn’t to say you might not receive the same end product, but perhaps the road on which you traveled to get there might not be the same. Many times all that is needed to waterproof a home is a simple gutter replacement or install and other times the entire basement needs to be sealed. The only way to know for sure is to get an assessment.

There are many reasons why you should contact a professional contractor and if you have problems such as cracks in your foundation wider than one-fourth of an inch or zig-zag cracks in bricks or blocks then you should call as soon as you can. Problems such as these can become much more severe later on. While your foundation repair company is fixing those cracks, ask them about basement waterproofing.


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