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How to Not Repair Crawl Spaces in Your Basement

How to Not Repair Crawl Spaces in Your Basement
How to Not Repair Crawl Spaces in Your Basement

Located under the floor of a home, crawl spaces allow easy access to the pipes and electrical systems. However, they also present their own set of challenges when they need fixing and maintenance. A lot can go wrong as you try to mend them. Here’s how to not repair crawl spaces in your basement.

Vent the Crawl Space

Since moisture is of primary concern when it comes to crawl spaces, a common method to address this issue was to install vents. In theory, this would allow air to blow through the crawl space and keep it dry. However, it only worsened the state of the crawl space because warm, humid air would cool down inside of it and condense into water. Not only do vents make crawl space moisture worse, but they also present easy access for pests to come in and take up residence there. Always avoid using vents to dry the crawl space.

Insulate with Fiberglass

Although fiberglass helps keep your house warm in other areas, it’s not a good idea to install it under the floor in your crawl space. Because of how porous it is, it is wont to absorb water. Once this happens, it loses much of its insulating ability and just holds water in your crawl space. This also means that any structural wood that comes in contact with the fiberglass will become exposed to prolonged wetness, encouraging rot and mold growth. In the end, it will fall in gross masses to the ground and make the crawl space even dirtier.

If you need expert repair for your home, contact the Real Seal. From basement waterproofing to foundation repair, we know just how to approach any problems you may have with your home’s basement. Crawl space repair is one of our specialties, and we can solve all kinds of issues there, including moisture, cracks, and uneven floors.


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