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Common Foundation Issues That Arise in the Summer

Common Foundation Issues That Arise in the Summer
Common Foundation Issues That Arise in the Summer

Summer is here. That means it’s time for melty ice cream and swimming in the pool. Yet, the season isn’t always full of sunshine for some homeowners. A lot of maintenance issues can occur during this season that typically don’t happen at other points on the calendar. For example, you may experience foundation problems with your house during the summertime. Here are some common foundation issues that arise in the summer that you should watch out for. We’ll also talk about warning signs and what you can do to fix these problems so that you can get back to enjoying the summer sun with your family.

Soil Expansion and Contraction

Many of us only think about our soil when our grass stops growing or weeds appear. Unfortunately, we must change this mindset during the summertime. When you water your soil, it expands. When you don’t water your soil, it contracts. This constant fluctuation can affect your foundation and create major headaches in the future. Here are a few warning signs that your soil is adversely affecting your foundation:

  • Any existing cracks are getting bigger or smaller, depending on how much rain you’ve experienced this year.
  • New cracks appear that were never there before.
  • Your foundation starts bowing inward, making the floor uneven and harder to walk on.
  • Cracks in your stairs appear out of the blue.


Naturally, areas that see a lot of rain or no rain at all are more prone to soil contraction or expansion. If you live in a neighborhood with an unequal amount of rainfall, you should have a specialist on speed dial. The Real Seal does the best foundation repair in Chicago.

We understand how hot Chicago summers can get and know that droughts aren’t uncommon. We also understand that floods can occur, causing the foundation to expand beyond what’s reasonable. Because of our expertise, people keep us in their contacts and call us first whenever they have an issue.


As previously stated, too much water can cause your soil to expand. So while a torrential downpour may make your grass greener, it can cause your foundation to grow apart. Flooding can also cause cracking in the foundation if there’s too much weight where there shouldn’t be. In some situations, the water weight may cause the entire foundation to crack, creating leaks in a basement or other areas of the house. Consequently, you should take steps to prepare for floods during the summer.

One solution is to give The Real Seal a call the minute the summer season starts. We’ll take a look at your foundation before any flooding occurs to tell you what shape it’s in. We’re always open and honest with our customers, as well. We’ll be transparent and never try to charge you for a service you don’t need. We’ll also work with you to develop reasonable solutions before doing any major work. Perhaps we can seal a few cracks before they get any worse or install piers underneath the foundation to make it stronger against anything Mother Nature throws its way. There are several different types of piers or posts that contractors can install. If you’d like more information, give us a ring so that you know you’re working with trusted pros who will install the right kind.

Uneven Doors or Windows

Another common foundation issue that arises in the summer is uneven doors and windows. We all know how amazing it feels to open the windows and feel the summer breeze during the season. However, this may not be possible if you’re experiencing foundation issues. If too much or too little rain appears that season, your house may settle in, causing your doors to drag across the floor in ways they haven’t before. Not only is this inconvenient, but it may do some serious damage to your flooring.

Unfortunately, the same thing may occur when you try to open windows. The house may settle in, making it impossible to open windows and let the breeze in. Again, call us at The Real Seal the minute you notice this happening. We’ll be able to assess the situation and install piers or posts where necessary so that the house sits as intended once again.

Poor Drainage

The final foundation problem that you may experience in the summer is poor drainage. We’ve all seen houses with puddles surrounding them. It’s unsightly and can create major issues for the building’s foundation. If the puddles sit there for an extended time, the soil may expand, causing the house to fall inward. As we already know, cracks are more likely to appear when this happens. Also, your house will stick out like a sore thumb if there’s poor drainage around it and it starts to sink. The property value of the entire block may go down.

Interesting fact: Poor drainage is also bad for your plumbing. Since things won’t be able to flow out properly, it can create problems flushing the toilet and may decrease your home’s water pressure.

Summer is arguably the best season there is. We’re all looking forward to spending more time outside after being stuck inside for so long. Yet, more time outdoors doesn’t mean we can ignore issues happening inside the house. For example, we all need to be aware of foundation issues that commonly occur during the summer. Perhaps the most important thing to watch out for is soil expansion and contraction. If your neighborhood gets an unequal amount of rain every season, the movement in the soil may cause your foundation to sink.

Another reason your foundation may settle in is because of flooding. Even though Chicago has had some sweltering droughts in the past, we can still have torrential downpours as well—so you have to be ready for a flood in case one comes your way. Your doors and windows may stick together in the summertime, too. Though these problems may seem overwhelming, they’re nothing that The Real Seal can’t fix. We have a team of skilled professionals who know how stressful summer can be for homeowners. Give us a call if you ever need a foundation repair in Chicago. We’ll be there to assist you whenever you need.

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