Common Causes of Honeycomb in Concrete

Common Causes of Honeycomb in Concrete
Common Causes of Honeycomb in Concrete

Ever notice your concrete appearing course and rocky, kind of looking like a honeycomb? This is a real issue that occurs in concrete. For insight on what exactly honeycomb in concrete is, as well as the common causes of honeycomb in concrete, read the article below. Maybe you might just find a way to prevent this from occurring and how to treat or repair it if it has already occurred.

What Is It?

Honeycomb is a rough and stony surface that appears on concrete when there are air voids between the course and the aggregate. This happens when insufficient fine material gets into the concrete mixture due to poor mixing or incorrect aggregate grading. Normally, workers can identify this when the shuttering of concrete is removed or using techniques of ultrasonic testing.

Causes of Honeycomb

These hollow pockets known as honeycomb occur when the cavities and areas of the space are not all filled or reached by the poured concrete. Three common causes of honeycomb in concrete include:

  1. Stiff concrete is used.
  2. Improper vibration is used during the concrete process.
  3. There is less cover for reinforcement bars.


While there are more reasons that this occurs, these three mentioned above are the most common reasons.

Remedies for Treatment and Repair

While there are at-home remedies one can use to repair and fix any honeycombing concrete issues, it is best to have a professional look over and assess the best course of action for fixing this problem. In many scenarios, to fix honeycomb, re-concrete might need to take place. This will hopefully help it from occurring in the future.

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