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3 Reasons Why You Need a Building Permit for Your Basement

3 Reasons Why You Need a Building Permit for Your Basement
3 Reasons Why You Need a Building Permit for Your Basement

Undoubtedly, finishing your basement has numerous benefits. If you plan to finish your basement soon, you should consider acquiring a building permit before you do so. Many homeowners won’t obtain one despite local regulations, but our Chicago basement waterproofing experts have three huge reasons for why you need a building permit for your basement.

It’s Easy to Obtain

The permit process isn’t as complicated as you may think—it generally only takes a couple weeks. To apply, you must sketch a rough design of your basement and pay a fee. These fees vary based on the size of the project and where you live, but they’re nowhere near as costly as the improvements themselves. According to HomeAdvisor, “The national average cost of a building permit is $1,036, with most homeowners spending between $363 and $1,730.” To get more information about fees, all you have to do is call your local governing agency. Once the agency notifies you of your approval, you can pick up your permit.

It Ensures You Build Correctly and Safely

If your city requires you to get a permit, you’ll need to obtain one to build out additional space. If it doesn’t, you won’t have to worry about attaining a permit. However, keep in mind that a permit acts as a formal announcement. If you’re finishing your basement on your own, your permit declares that you’ll be working on your home. It means you’re liable for your project if there are construction issues. If you hire contractors to perform the work for you, they’re responsible for the potential issues.

By getting a permit, you’ll also receive inspections throughout the course of the project. Professional building inspectors assure quality because they make sure you correctly completed the work. Should problems arise during the inspection, they can guide you toward the best possible solutions.

It Helps You Avoid Penalties

You may think you’re saving money by refinishing your basement yourself, but if you skip a permit, you could owe thousands of dollars down the road. You may even have to completely rebuild simply for not working with a permit in the first place. Additionally, if you finish your basement without a permit, you may also have a more difficult time selling your home in the future. An appraiser will make note of your unpermitted work, which is essentially baggage that’s unappealing to prospective homebuyers.


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