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Our concrete leveling services in Naperville, Illinois, include leveling concrete slabs, patios, driveways, and even walkways. Expanding polyurethane foam is used for the polyjacking procedure. It offers a quicker, more dependable, and non-toxic alternative to mudjacking for effectively leveling concrete.

Why Does Concrete Settle?

Multiple factors, including inadequate compaction, bad site conditions, poor drainage, and tree roots, can cause concrete to settle. The biggest cause of this problem is when rain or gutter water washes away dirt from your driveway or sidewalk. As a result, the concrete is left with voids or pockets underneath it, which consequently causes it to settle.

Another factor is clay-rich soil, which varies in size as per the soil moisture levels. The soil expands when it gets water-saturated and shrinks as it dries out. As a result, the soil is rendered unstable because of the frequent changes in moisture, causing the concrete to shift and sink.

Why Does Concrete Settle

Concrete Leveling Using Polyjacking

The concrete should be supported by a solid foundation of soil. The concrete slab cannot be replaced if the earth beneath it is unstable. Polyjacking is the perfect answer to this problem.

Benefits of Polyjacking​

Fast Acting

After a short 15-minute injection, you can readily walk on the concrete slab. The slab can successfully sustain vehicular traffic too.


Polyjacking the concrete slabs is not at all invasive for homeowners, as it does not involve any major excavation or digging.


The foam is made up of lightweight polyurethane. As opposed to other market techniques like mudjacking, which uses heavy materials, polyjacking does not cause soil settlement.

Environmentally Friendly

The foam used for polyjacking fills in all the solid voids and does not leak making it impossible for harmful substances to seep in.


Property owners can save up to half of the usual concrete slab replacement costs if they choose concrete leveling by polyjacking.


Polyurethane foam is waterproof which means it is not weakened by constant exposure to water.