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Protecting your home from foundation damage is essential to make sure that your living space remains stable for hundreds of years. While periodic inspection and maintenance can help to a certain extent, there are some damages that simply cannot be prevented. This is where the professional foundation repair services from The Real Seal come to your rescue.

Naperville, Illinois Foundation Repair – Services Offered

The Real Seal is the most trusted foundation repair service provider in Naperville, Illinois, and the services we offer include:

Foundation Crack Repair

Since foundation cracks are very common, most homeowners tend to ignore them without knowing that they could be a sign of a bigger and more serious issue. From plumbing leaks to soil issues, it could be anything that led to your foundation cracks. One of the best and most efficient ways to deal with these cracks is our epoxy injection.

Our foundation repair specialists in Naperville, Illinois will clean out the cracks and inject the epoxy, which then does the job of sealing them permanently. In addition to preventing leaks, this technique also prevents the issue from escalating.

Pipe Penetration Sealing

If you have moisture in your basement, one fairly common but often overlooked cause is pipe penetration. This refers to all the different pipes, like plumbing, electrical, etc., that go through your foundation wall but were not sealed properly during installation. Over time, the concrete layer around the pipes can slowly erode due to factors like hydrostatic pressure and sweating pipes, resulting in voids that allow for water seepage.

We use polyurethane injection to fill these voids. The first layer of application will be an epoxy bonding material, which creates a waterproof seal. This will be followed by the polyurethane epoxy injection, which will fill any void and push out stagnant water.

Crawl Space Repairs

Whether or not you use your crawl space for additional storage, it is still important to make sure that the area is moisture- and leak-free, and also free from pest infestations. This is because these conditions result in mold growth, which can infect your entire home and lead to numerous health issues.

The crawl space repair services in Naperville, Illinois offered by The Real Seal include crawl space dehumidification to control moisture levels, crawl space encapsulation to seal the space, and crawl space insulation to battle drafts with a barrier.

Common Signs of Foundation Failure

Some of the common signs of foundation failure to look out for include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Cracks in exterior bricks
  • Sloping floors
  • Warped ceiling
  • Water seepage through cracks
  • Leaning chimney
  • Counters and cabinets separated from walls
  • Sticking doors and windows

The Real Seal – Areas We Serve

Our wide range of foundation repair and other services is available in and around Naperville, Illinois. A complete list of all the areas we serve is available on our Service Area page.

Why Call The Real Seal?

The Real Seal always puts people first, whether it is our customers, employees, or others. When we take up a foundation repair project, we will make sure that the customer is left with a house that they can rely on for decades to come. The products we use are of high quality, the techniques we employ are efficient, and the customer service we deliver is top-notch.

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