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With your home being the single largest investment you make in your life, you would obviously want it to remain strong for decades to come. One of the best ways to make sure this happens is by following a regular foundation inspection, maintenance, and repair schedule.

The Real Seal can help you identify early signs of foundation damage and do the necessary repairs before the problem gets too serious.

Mount Prospect, Illinois Foundation Repair – List of Services Offered

As the leading foundation repair company in Mount Prospect, Illinois, The Real Seal offers a variety of services and solutions, which include the following:

Drain Tile Installation

A drain tile system prevents flooding through the cove joint – a cold joint between different pours of concrete, which is a common place for basement seepage.

The Real Seal installs two types of drain tile systems – interior and exterior. The former is installed inside your basement and the latter around the exterior of your foundation. Interior drain tile systems prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure and water from entering; whereas the exterior systems seal and waterproof the foundation walls of your basement.

Both these drain tile systems help achieve the same goal and come with a lifetime warranty.

Basement Window Installation

In addition to a variety of foundation repair services, The Real Seal also offers basement window installation services. When you choose to have egress windows installed in your basement, you are basically adding a life insurance policy to your living space, as these windows act as escape routes in the event of an emergency.

For installing egress windows in your new home or to replace the ones in your existing home, all you need to do is contact The Real Seal.

Concrete Leveling

If you notice that your sidewalk, foundation, concrete slab, or any other concrete surface is uneven, chances are you need our concrete leveling service. Whether it is due to the expansion of clay-rich soil, poor site conditions, poor drainage, or poor compaction, our experts use an efficient technique called polyjacking to relevel the concrete.

The process involves the use of polyurethane foam to raise and relevel your concrete floors, and the foam we use is nonorganic, which means it will not decompose or erode over time.

Early Signs of Foundation Damage

Learning to identify the early signs of foundation damage can help you eliminate potentially serious problems, which in turn can lead to expensive repairs. These signs include:

  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks in walls, floors, and foundation
  • Bowing walls
  • Cracks in exterior bricks
  • Warped ceiling
  • Moisture in the basement
  • Mold formation
  • Bad odor in the basement and crawl space
  • Leaning chimney
  • Sticking doors and windows

The Real Seal – Serving Areas

The Real Seal extends its foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and other services for homeowners in and around Mount Prospect, Illinois. To see a complete list of the areas we serve, visit our Service Area page now.

Why Choose The Real Seal?

The Real Seal offers a comprehensive list of foundation repair, basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, and other services to help property owners find the right solutions for their structural problems. When you call us for a consultation and/or inspection, our foundation repair experts will make sure that you know and understand the entire process, and don’t have to be concerned about your foundation issues anymore.

Give us a call anytime for a free estimate!