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Did you know that some of the common signs you see in your basement, like cracks, moisture, etc., can actually signify more serious problems? Before things get too serious, what you can do is have your foundation inspected for serious damages and repaired if necessary.

For foundation repair in Evanston, Illinois, the professional contractor you should call is The Real Seal. From helping you identify the source of your foundation issue to offering the most efficient solutions, our team will take care of it all for you.

Evanston, Illinois Foundation Repair – Services Offered

From basement waterproofing and basement window installation to crawl space repair, polyjacking, and more, The Real Seal offers a wide array of foundation services in Evanston, Illinois to deal with your foundation-related problems.

Concrete Leveling

If your sidewalk, patio, driveway, porch, garage floor, or any other concrete surface seems uneven, you need concrete leveling service from The Real Seal. Water from rain and gutters, poor site condition, poor drainage, etc. are some of the reasons behind uneven concrete. These factors create voids underneath your concrete slabs, causing them to settle.

At The Real Seal, we use a technique called polyjacking to relevel your concrete floors. This cost-effective solution involves drilling dime-sized holes in the affected slabs and injecting polyurethane foam underneath them, thereby allowing the foam to expand and raise the concrete slabs back to their original position.

Foundation Wall Plate Anchor Installation

Wall plates are commonly installed to stop the inward movement of basement walls. These steel plates are extremely sturdy and work excellently well for bowing walls. While there are many other techniques that can be used for the same problem, installing wall plate anchors is the most efficient.

Foundation Waterproofing

As the name suggests, foundation waterproofing is the method of preventing water from entering your basement from outside. At The Real Seal, we offer waterproofing solutions for both basements and crawl space foundations.

When it comes to basements, our foundation experts would seal the walls with moisture barriers, install a sump pump to remove water, prevent water from entering the area by installing interior or exterior drain tile, and repair leaking windows if any.

The process is the same for crawl spaces as well, except that you can have your crawl space completely sealed as well, with our crawl space encapsulation service.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Learning to identify the early signs of foundation damage can save you from several headaches in the future. These signs include:

  • Bowing walls
  • Sagging floors
  • Tilting chimney
  • Warped ceiling
  • Decaying wood
  • Musty smelling basement or crawl space
  • Counters and cabinets separated from walls
  • Doors not latching properly
  • Misaligned doors and windows

The Real Seal – Serving Areas

In addition to offering foundation repair services in Evanston, Illinois, The Real Seal’s services are also available in many other areas, which can be seen on our Service Area page.

Why Choose The Real Seal?

When you are dealing with something as important as foundation repair, you need a company that you can trust and rely on. The Real Seal gives you that trust with our years of experience and professionalism, and above all, with our approach to putting customers first. Choose us for your foundation-related issues and you are guaranteed peace of mind!

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